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cacaFly Malaysia 成立于 2016 年,拥有来自台湾集团总部的丰沛资源。我们热爱学习、渴望成长,深信数位行销的力量,致力为客户提供前瞻的行销策略。邀请你加入我们的行列,参与数码起飞的黄金时代、共同创造数位行销的无限可能!

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cacaFly 团队密切关注 Digital Marketing 的最新发展与趋势,积极学习、持续成长是我们的核心文化。我们信任每个伙伴的工作专业,共同坚守服务品质,致力成为品牌与电商客户最强而有力的翅膀。



cacaFly 拥有多位 FacebookGoogle 认证专家,为伙伴提供扎实、完整的教育训练。加入 cacaFly,你将在创新、自由的氛围下工作与成长,享有健全的休假制度,以及激励奖金、生日礼品、电脑补助等福利。



Job Type Full-Time

Job Description

🎯 Achieve monthly sales targets and incentive goals through present, promote and sell the company’s services to existing and prospective customers.
 🎯 Provide strategic advice and help solve issues by working closely in a consultative role with your client portfolio.
 🎯 Pitch, prepare and present advertising content proposals for advertising agencies or clients.
 🎯 Oversee social media campaigns which include but are not limited to: research, campaign & content creation and reporting.
 🎯 Meet and exceed individual daily, weekly and monthly sales target.
 🎯 Collaborate with internal operation team to achieve better campaign results.
 🎯 Be up to date on all digital marketing related news.

Job Requirements

✔️ A Diploma or Degree (in any field) is required.
 ✔️ Must be a sales oriented, well-organized, and client-facing person.
 ✔️ Must be an excellent team player and a strong communicator.
 ✔️ Ability to work independently, multi-task and prioritize.
 ✔️ Strong analytical skills and data-driven thinking.
 ✔️ Knowledge of digital marketing analytics.
 ✔️ For Senior position: At least 3 years working experience in digital marketing line
How to Apply?
Please send your CV to

Job type  3 to 6 months internship 

Job Description

🎯 Assist in campaign planning and related tasks
🎯 Conduct & analyze  market research and data from time to time 
🎯 Assist in social media management

** Training will be provided **

Job Requirements

✔️ Open to all Marketing, Graphic Design, Mass Communication and any related to digital marketing course student 
✔️ Able to speak English & Mandarin 
✔️ Love to learn and active in social media
✔️ Able to work independently

How to Apply?
Please send your CV to