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As a Facebook Business Partner and a Google Premier Partner, cacaFly Malaysia is proficient at formulating comprehensive marketing strategies to achieve superior results.

Our services include digital ads delivery, advertising and marketing creative production, social media management, advertorials, influencer marketing, SEO / SEM, and much more.

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Taiwan’s No. 1 Digital Marketing Brand

cacaFly‘s parent company was established in 2009, and they are currently Taiwan’s No. 1 digital media agency, as well as a partner of LinkedIn, LINE and other digital media.
Fully supported by the parent company, cacaFly Malaysia has access to years of practical experience and media knowledge of Taiwan’s digital transformation to provide clients with valuable insights and efficient strategies.

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Equipped with years of feasible know-how and strategic vision, cacaFly Malaysia specializes in a full range of digital marketing services, from pre-planning, digital advertising and content marketing, to post-data analysis and strategy optimization.

With a data-driven mindset , we have successfully assisted countless performance-oriented and brand-based clientele to gain online presence and stand out in the market.

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cacaFly constantly remains at the forefront of digital marketing industry.  Stay tuned to the latest industry trends, media news, and marketing insights from us!

Brand Strategy

Successfully Expanding I LOVE YOO! into Diverse Markets With New Traffic Development

Food is an indispensable part of daily life, ensuring that the food and beverage industry consistently experiences stable demand, despite intense competition. In the face of such competition, I LOVE YOO! aims not only to strengthen its existing Chinese customer base but also to introduce traditional Chinese cuisine to a wider audience. The brand is dedicated to continually increasing its popularity among the diverse Malaysian population.Let’s see how cacaFly Malaysia effectively expanded I LOVE YOO!’s reach in Malaysia’s diverse markets by developing new traffic

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2024 Instagram Algorithm Update. Original Creators Prioritized: Creators Will Encounter New Opportunities!

To provide all creators with fair exposure opportunities, Instagram once again introduced a major algorithm update in April 2024! The focus of this update is to prevent creators with large followings and high traffic from monopolizing all exposure opportunities. Instagram hopes to create a fairer algorithm that gives smaller creators more active space, encouraging them to produce more high-quality and original content. So let’s have cacaFly Malaysia guide us through the key updates this time!

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