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cacaFly Malaysia

cacaFly Malaysia was established in 2016, while its parent company cacaFly Taiwan was established in 2009. Currently affiliated to funP Innovation Group, a digital marketing group  with more than 200 certified marketing professionals in the market. cacaFly is Taiwan’s top digital marketing brand, having assisted many well-known brands with marketing strategies and media planning, as well as providing integrated digital media services in the Asia-Pacific region.

To be the wings for brands and e-commerce to fly and soar to new heights of profitability and productivity.


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Our Breakthrough​

✔️ Invited by Astro as a TV show guest ✔️ Certified Facebook Business Partner ✔️ Certified TikTok Partner
✔️ Certified Google Premier Partner ✔️ Official partner of Facebook ✔️ Official distributor of TenMax Publisher Tool (PPStudio) ✔️ Trusted partner of e-commerce merchants of Shopee, Lazada, 91 APP, Synagie ✔️ Collaborated with Sin Chew Daily to organize digital advertising courses ✔️ "The Best Sales Partner" of Taiwan’s LINE Family Club
✔️ Official distributor of LinkedIn ads ✔️ Official distributor of TenMax ads
✔️ Authorized distributor of LINE’s full range of products ✔️ Authorized distributor of Twitter ads ✔️ Co-organized the "2018 Asia Digital Marketing Forum" with Media Chinese, Sin Chew, and Logon
✔️ Expanded into Vietnam ✔️ Won the "2016’s Digital Agency of The Year" in Taiwan ✔️ Became a member of Malaysia Digital Association (MDA) ✔️ Co-organized Malaysia’s Digital Free Trade Zone SME Guide Lecture Series ✔️ Co-organized the "2017 Asia Digital Marketing Forum" with Media Chinese, Sin Chew, and Logon
✔️ cacaFly Malaysia was established ✔️ Expanded into Japan ✔️ Authorized distributor of Yahoo! Ads in Taiwan
✔️ Authorized distributor of Taiwan’s Sociomantic, VS Media, Outlook, LINE Free coin, and LINE TV ads ✔️ Exclusive distributor of Spotify ads in Taiwan
✔️ Authorized distributor of Google ads in Taiwan
✔️ Official partner of Torchlight and MindFree ✔️ General distributor of Microsoft ads in Taiwan
✔️ Exclusive distributor of Facebook ads in Taiwan
✔️ cacaFly was founded in Taiwan