What is Advertorial?
A type of advertisement written in the form of editorial content or report.
Advertorials contains a lot of information, which can deliver new knowledge to consumers,  suits for beauty, household appliances and other industries.

Good advertorials can reduce consumers’ dislike of ads and will be interested to read the full text.
Powerful advertorials can arouse the interest and desire of consumers that leads to successful conversion!

Clear marketing goals

Having flagship products

Establish brand image

Express product's features

Our Process Flow

Brief Requirements

Tell us your promotional purpose and marketing focus.

Finding Candidates

We will assist in finding media suitable for your brand or product.

Selection & Inquiry

When you have chosen the media, we will assist in the inquiry, confirm the details.

Contract Signing

We will sign the contract with
you and
the media.


Communicate closely with the media to ensure the execution.

Review Report

Sorting out the data during the execution period and providing a case closing report.

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