Facebook Ads

Digital Advertising

Massive audience,
direct interaction,
effective for enhancing brand exposure

The world’s largest social media platform, 93% of Malaysian Internet users are Facebook users.

Flexible budget,
applicable to all kinds of marketing activities

Advertisers of all sizes, from small online stores to big brands can freely determine their own advertising budget.

Various objectives that covers all aspects of the consumer’s purchasing process

Campaign supports 3 main categories and a total of 11 advertising objectives. From enhancing brand awareness, triggering considerations to conversions, all in one place.

Employs audience targeting technology with ultra-high precision

Possesses complete database of users’ demographics, browsing behavior and interests.
Provide three precise targeting methods: Core Audience, Custom Audience, and Lookalike Audience.

Able to track important events for cross-media re-marketing

Installing Facebook Pixel on official webpage allows businesses to track potential customers who have visited their sites.
Facebook's advertising system will receive the data and deliver ads accurately to these group of customers

Ad Format
  • Marketplace collaborative ad (CPAS)
  • Likes Ad
  • Carousel Ad
  • Collection Ad
  • Lead Ad
  • App Installs Ad

Marketplace 协作广告

您正使用 Shopee 或 Lazada 贩售商品吗? CPAS 可以大大提升您的广告效益!

CPAS 是Shopee、Lazada 和Facebook 合作的协作广告,通过申请后,品牌便可搜集Marketplace 上的数据,数据将回流到Facebook,针对这群与自身店铺、商品互动过的消费者进行再行销(Retargeting) ;另一方面,品牌在Facebook 下广告时,可将广告与Marketplace 上的商品目录连结,受众点击广告后,将直接导入店家的Shopee/Lazada 页面,促成转单。




轮播广告(Carousel Ads)


精选集广告(Collection Ads)


精选集广告包含一个横向主视觉和下方三到四张正方形商品图片,受众在点击广告后,就会立刻展开全萤幕的即时体验(Instant Experience),显示更多商品资讯与详细内容。

名单型广告(Lead Generation Ads)


应用程式广告(App Installs Ads)


Our Process Flow

Preliminary Preparation

Analyze the brand positioning and core target audience (TA) for you. Understand your TA’s pain points and your product’s selling points.

Meeting & Consultation

Meet with you to confirm the goals, budgets, and the main objective of the marketing plan.

Draft Advertising Plan

We will draft a complete and efficient advertising plan based on your marketing goals, budget and other requirements.

Plan Confirmation

Discuss and confirm the content of the advertising plan with you.

Execution & Optimization

Officially execution of the marketing campaign. Performance data will be closely monitored by our consultants to perform real-time optimization.

Performance Review

During the campaign period, our consultants will constantly organize the above performance data for you, and respond to your needs and questions instantly.

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