Influencer Marketing

Influencer marketing is rising rapidly!

The market size of inflencer marketing

1.7 billion
100 billion

Hesitate no more, stand at the forefront of digital marketing!

Let us assist you in planning your influencer marketing strategy

Influencers' Ranks

Create massive exposure that enhances brand awareness.

Create deep connection between product features and consumers to generate discussion

Target specific audience and accumulate good reviews / build brand reputation

Our Process Flow

Brief Requirements

Tell us your requirements
by deciding on your marketing purpose and focus.

Candidates Search

We will assist in finding suitable influencers for your brand / product.

Selection & Inquiry

Once you have chosen your preferred influencer(s), we will assist to confirm the influencer’s participation and schedule.

Contract Signing

Contract signing with both advertisers and influencers to seal the deal.


Communicate ideas and necessary information to the influencers to ensure they execute the contents of the contract.

Riview Report

Sorting of data obtained during the execution period and providing a closing case report.

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