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Data is the key to grow your website’s performance !

GA analyzes your website to discover insights that could drive more traffic, dwell time and conversion

What is Google Analytics?
Google Analytics (GA) is a popular analytics tool used by 95% of marketers worldwide
GA allows website owners and marketers to develop a data-driven marketing strategy based on insights gained from important metrics e.g. traffic sources, conversions etc.
Use GA to understand the entire customer’s journey !

Who are the site visitors?

Visitors’ Behavior and Journey?

Leverage GA4 reporting to improve sales and conversions
  • E-commerce
  • Services


Gain insights on potential audiences and popular products to increase online sales


Target channels with strong traffic and high converting landing pages to improve lead gen and conversion rates

A brand new GA with major upgrades! Say hello to GA4 !

Starting 1/7/2023, the current GA will stop collecting and erase all existing web data, ceasing operations by 31/12/2023. Integrate GA4 and upgrade your website right now !

Analysis with greater accuracy

APP + Web cross-platform and cross-domain integration to unify and identify users who have or have not visited the website from diverse sources.

AI Predictive Learning

Use machine learning to analyze and quickly discover potential customers and event-based indicators, then compile into a customized report for better understanding.

Diverse Applications

Upgrade your big data analysis by connecting to BigQuery for free to store data permanently and link to more channels with handy applications.

GA4 integration across the first-party data journey
Three major challenges in integrating GA4/using website templates


GA4’s event code is too complex to track user’s behavior accurately


GA4 reports are more versatile, making it more difficult to compile reports that meet the requirements of different


GA4’s diverse applications, smart audience output and first-party data storage features leads to more complex applications

Manage your website easily with cacaFly !
Let cacaFly’s professional consultants help you analyze your website with GA4 to level up your digital marketing strategy.

Our GA4 Solutions


Ensures the right technical implementation from embedding codes, verifying events to User ID integration to help you collect the right and useful data!

  • GTM
  • Data Layer
  • Event code
  • User ID
  • BigQuery
  • System settings
  • Event checking
  • Integrate Google Ads
  • Course is conducted in Chinese/English based on company needs
  • Customized report
  • Target audience setting

Inspect & Evaluate

Marketing and operation teams collaborate to help you discover high-value business insights and applications

  • GA4 System Settings
  • Event checking
  • Customized report
  • Target audience setting

Consult & Educate

Train your staff to operate GA4 and conduct business analysis independently !

  • Course is conducted in Chinese/English based on company needs
  • Customized report
  • Target audience setting

Online Course

6 小时课程,新手也能轻易上手!
课程三大阶段,包含 GA4 介绍、基础功能、进阶教学
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23 Feb 截止贩售
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