Criteo Ads

Digital Advertising

The World's best Display Network Specializing in High-traffic & High-conversion for E-commerce

Display ads are ads that are displayed on the collective ad spaces of major media ublishers’ websites to reach Internet users en masse. Criteo Ads have a higher conversion than ordinary website banner ads, allowing e-commerce clients to achieve higher CTRs, better traffic quality and more conversions.

Powered by 600 Million Global Users’ Daily Data For Precise Audience Targeting

Criteo analyzes large amounts of data to personalize display ads that target audience’s preferences and improve each conversion goal’s efficacy.

Partner with Over 5000 High Quality Publishers to Reach the Right Audience

Criteo helps advertisers reach high-value users, improve ad delivery and grow website or application traffic by displaying ads on high quality websites.

Criteo Ad Formats

  • Dynamic Ads
  • Showcase Ads
  • Adaptive Ads
  • Image Ads

Dynamic Ads

Need higher conversion rates? Criteo personalizes product recommendations to consumers by linking their data to your product catalogue.

Showcase Ads

Want to increase awareness and conversion with one ad? Showcase Ads is the best choice to display a brand’s featured images, videos, and catalogues at the same time. 

Adaptive Ads

No catalogue? No worries! Create beautiful Adaptive Ads with just an image and a simple call-to-action text to increase your ad’s click-through rate.

Image Ads

Looking to increase brand exposure? Promote your brand logo and product features with Criteo’s Image Ads to reach potential audiences instantly.

Our Process Flow

Preliminary Preparation

Analyze the brand positioning and core target audience (TA) for you. Understand your TA’s pain points and your product’s selling points.

Meeting &

Meet with you to confirm the goals, budgets, and the main objective of the marketing plan.

Advertising Plan

We will draft a complete and efficient advertising plan based on your marketing goals, budget and other requirements.


Discuss and confirm the content of the advertising plan with you.

Execution &

Officially execution of the marketing campaign. Performance data will be closely monitored by our consultants to perform real-time optimization.


During the campaign period, our consultants will constantly organize the above performance data for you, and respond to your needs and questions instantly.