Our Team

Meet Our Management!

Shirley Soh

cacaFly Malaysia Operation Manager

Responsible for cacaFly Malaysia's internal operations and the planning of digital marketing courses, she is highly experienced in project management, event planning, and e-commerce industry, serving clients from different industries such as EC, beauty, apparels etc.

Mabel Loh

cacaFly Malaysia General Manager

As the GM of cacaFly Malaysia, she has a combined and diverse experience in the FMCG industry, traditional media agency services, and the digital marketing industry. Serving clients such as Toshiba, Panasonics, Sharp, L’oreal Group, P&G Group etc.,

Jeremy Lin

TenMax Regional Business Director

As Director of Operations at TenMax Adtech Lab, he is responsible for TenMax's business cooperation and international markets operations in Southeast Asia. An industry veteran with solid experience in funP Group and cacaFly Taiwan, he specializes in market development and product strategy.

Wendy Chiang

TenMax Global Business Operation Manager

As TenMax Adtech Lab’s International Business Operations Manager and cacaFly Malaysia’s Marketing Consultant, she specializes in digital marketing, brand/product marketing and business development, and has served Fortune 500 brands clients and by developing advertising and marketing strategies for them.

David Lin

cacaFly Malaysia Head of Performance Marketing

Hailing from cacaFly Taiwan, he is currently cacaFly Malaysia e-commerce consultant and is highly-experienced in ads optimization, serving customers from different industries. He currently serves many Taiwan enterprises as their Google Analytics consultant.