Rich Media

Digital Advertising

Creative & Eye-catching

Diverse creative templates enhance user appeal, maximizing the effectiveness of brand advertising.

High Visibility & High Interaction

In-article, footer and interstitial placements effectively capture consumer’s attention.

High Brand Exposure & Safety

Compliant with the international Better Ads standards, integrating third-party tracking systems.

Terminate Banner Blindness.
Revitalize Ad Effectiveness with High Impact Ads

Most banner ads on websites are being ignored by today’s consumers,
and the ad results are not up to par regardless of advertisers ad spend.
Rich Media ads help brands to regain consumers’ attention by combining creative materials and immersive effects!

50+ Rich Media Ad Formats with High CTRs of 3%-15%

Multiple Rich Media formats are available for selection, ensuring an uninterrupted flow of creative advertising. Improve product and brand image with creative layouts and gain 10x engagement!
Complies with Better Ads regulations, no blocking from browsers!

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