Instagram Ads

Digital Advertising

Precise audience targeting technology

Affiliated to Facebook, Instagram has access to the same database and audience targeting technology.

Users are relatively young

74% of Malaysia’s Instagram users are below 34 y/o. It is an essential platform for brands focusing on young customers

High engagement &
tight-knit community

Suitable for enhancing brand image. Brands’ average engagement rate on Instagram is 10x higher than that of Facebook.

Ad Format
  • Image / Video Ad
  • Carousel Ad
  • Collection Ad
  • Explore Ad
  • Stories Ad

动态消息图片/影音广告 (Image/Video Ads)


动态消息轮播广告(Carousel Ads)


动态消息精选集广告(Collection Ads)

现在就在Instagram 上开启你的线上展间,精选集广告包含一个横向主视觉和下方三张正方形商品图片,受众在点击广告后,就会立刻展开全萤幕的即时体验(Instant Experience),显示更多商品资讯与详细内容。

探索贴文广告(Explore Ads)


限时动态广告(Stories Ads)

您希望有更大的空间展示您的广告创意吗?您想和广告受众多一层互动吗?限时动态是您最好的选择!全萤幕大空间,100% 抢占受众眼球,还有问答、调查、二选一等多种互动贴纸(Sticker)为您的广告增添互动性。

Our Process Flow

Preliminary Preparation

Analyze the brand positioning and core target audience (TA) for you. Understand your TA’s pain points and your product’s selling points.

Meeting & Consultation

Meet with you to confirm the goals, budgets, and the main objective of the marketing plan.

Draft Advertising Plan

We will draft a complete and efficient advertising plan based on your marketing goals, budget and other requirements.

Plan Confirmation

Discuss and confirm the content of the advertising plan with you.

Execution & Optimization

Officially execution of the marketing campaign. Performance data will be closely monitored by our consultants to perform real-time optimization.

Performance Review

During the campaign period, our consultants will constantly organize the above performance data for you, and respond to your needs and questions instantly.

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