Amazon Ads

Strong audience pool

Within the Amazon ecosystem, in addition to e-commerce, it also encompasses digital media, cloud services, AI, and more. With a vast user base, Amazon's data repository collects user shopping and usage habits across various services, helping you reach the most relevant audiences for your brand

Not only for Amazon seller

Whether you are an Amazon seller or not, you can run Amazon DSP ads to expose your advertisements on various platforms within Amazon ecosystem and drive traffic to your official website

Expand overseas business

Amazon has a user base of over 310 million active users, with a primary focus on markets in Europe, the United States, Japan, Singapore, and India. This can help boost your brand's international presence

Amazon DSP Ads

DSP (Demand Side Platform) is a demand-side platform in online advertising. Through the integration of the DSP platform, advertisers can more conveniently select the media, regions, and audiences for their advertising without the need to manage multiple ad exchange platforms separately. For example, Amazon offers not only its e-commerce platform but also various services such as Kindle e-books, Twitch online streaming platform, IMDb movie review website, and more. Advertisers can use Amazon DSP Ads to advertise on different platforms based on their brand identity. DSP Ads not only support images but also provide advertisers with more diverse ways and channels to highlight their brand features, including videos, audio, and more

The differences between Amazon DSP And Sponsored Ads

Amazon DSP
Sponsored Ads
Audience targeting
There are six unique targeting segments available on Amazon DSP(In-Market,Lifestyle,Demographic,Retargeting,Advertiser Audiences,Additional Custom Audiences)
Four targeting segments available(In-market,Lifestyle,Interests,Life events)
Besides Amazon Ecommerce platform, Amazon DSP has more available placements(IMDb , Twitch , Kindle…)
Only available on Amazon Ecommerce platform
Ad format
Amazon DSP ads have more advanced custom creative capabilities(display ads, video, audio)
Only three types of display ads style (Sponsored product,Sponsored Brands, Sponsored Display)
Amazon DSP allows Amazon sellers to run advertisements as well as brands who aren’t selling on Amazon , but who want to leverage Amazon insights in their targeting
Only available to Amazon sellers and vendors
Where Ads direct
Can be set to direct to pages on or your own brand website
Only be set to direct to pages on
Amazon Ads Solutions
  • Display Ads
  • Ecommerce Ads
  • Video Ads
  • Audio Ads

Display Ads

Display ads engage audience wherever they are, on and off Amazon

On Amazon & Publisher sites


Ecommerce Ads

Amazon dynamic Ecommerce ads offer a wide range of presentation styles and formats that can help Amazon sellers promote their products and elevate product discoverability

Video Ads

Video ads reach new customers where they watch and stream

Online Video Ads (OLV)

Amazon OLV reaches audiences on Amazon affiliated sites and across the web on leading publishers’ sites through Amazon Publisher Services and third-party exchanges

Streaming TV Ads (STV)

Full-screen, non-skippable video ads that run via a streaming video service over the internet (without satellite or cable): typically viewed on a TV. Amazon streaming TV ads shows up alongside premium content on popular services such as Freevee.

Twitch Premium Video Ads

Non-skippable, above the fold video ads available as live broadcasts on Twitch across desktop, mobile and tablet, and connected TV devices. Twitch is a prime destination for brands to reach next generation audiences at scale.

Amazon Audio Ads

Engage customers with your brand through Amazon Music’s free ad-supported tier.

Standard audio ads

Standard audio ads are 10 to 30 second ads, with a companion banner image that appears on screened devices (clickable only on desktop, mobile, and tablet devices).

Interactive audio ads

Interactive audio ad creatives on Amazon Music ad-supported tier which include an Alexa call-to-action for listeners to engage with that ad using their voice.

Harley-Davidson drives brand awareness with programmatic video ads


Leverage programmatic video ads to increase brand awareness for Harley-Davidson’s Street Rod and Road King motorcycles

Using :30 second video creative, the team used programmatic to:

  • Utilize Amazon first-party audiences, including Amazon Garage
    segments and relevant Lifestyle and In-Market segments
  • Deliver video creative across unique supply on Amazon’s owned and operated websites, as well as placements on leading publishers’ sites, apps, and through the largest exchanges

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Our Process Flow

Preliminary Preparation

Analyze the brand positioning and core target audience (TA) for you. Understand your TA’s pain points and your product’s selling points.

Meeting &

Meet with you to confirm the goals, budgets, and the main objective of the marketing plan.

Advertising Plan

We will draft a complete and efficient advertising plan based on your marketing goals, budget and other requirements.


Discuss and confirm the content of the advertising plan with you.

Execution &

Officially execution of the marketing campaign. Performance data will be closely monitored by our consultants to perform real-time optimization.


During the campaign period, our consultants will constantly organize the above performance data for you, and respond to your needs and questions instantly.