Meta Advertisement Updates! Helping E-commerce Entrepreneurs Seize Opportunities

In response to the booming trend of online shopping, Meta has recently introduced several advertisement updates. These updates not only strengthen the AI technology but also add features to optimize marketing processes for retailers, significantly enhancing Meta’s competitiveness as a marketing channel. Let’s delve into these updates with cacaFly to help your business thrive!


2024 Malaysia’s Latest Digital Trends: 9 Key Highlights Unveiled

Every year, the authoritative consulting firm We Are Social releases a comprehensive digital trends report, examining the digital usage patterns of countries worldwide through in-depth data research and analysis. The latest edition of “Digital 2024: Malaysia” has just been released! cacaFly Malaysia has compiled 9 key insights from the report to share with you. Let’s take a look together


Back up GA3 now! Introducing four methods for backing up GA3

Google Analytics 4 (GA4), launched at the end of 2022, introduces flexibility and features such as device ID identification that Google Analytics 3 (GA3) lacked. Additionally, Google has announced that as of July 2024, Universal Analytics data will be completely cleared. This signifies the end of GA3 and marks the beginning of embracing the more powerful data analytics tools of GA4. However, this does not mean we should immediately transition to GA4 and disregard past data from GA3. This article will guide you on how to navigate such a transition effectively.


UTM Unveiled: A Key Player in tracking Web Traffic

Have you ever considered where your website traffic comes from? Is it from advertisements or newsletters? 

Collaborating with numerous Key Opinion Leaders (KOLs) may have brought significant traffic to your site, but have you pondered which KOL is genuinely effective?

Understanding which traffic contributes to revenue conversion allows you to identify and reduce advertisements that do not convert. Allocate more budget to ads with revenue, maximizing the efficiency of every marketing expense!


2024 Ramadan Marketing Strategy

Ramadan, the fasting month, is a big deal in Malaysia. With our mix of cultures, it’s for sure that Ramadan is a major event here. Muslims make up most of the population, about 61.3%, so when Ramadan rolls around, it’s like a gold rush for businesses.

Marketing Tips

Mastering Website Data For Outstanding Advertising Results

Traffic not only attracts visitors but also drives revenue! However, facing the constantly rising costs of traffic has become an undeniable challenge for various brands. In the face of such challenges, do you think the only solution is to continually increase advertising budgets? No!