cacaFly Malaysia x HUAWEI: Strong Partnership Leads to Great Opportunities! 

Having cemented its status as a leader in the digital marketing industry, cacaFly Malaysia was officially appointed as HUAWEI’s partner in 2022. This collaborative partnership has seen both parties working closely with each other, with cacaFly Malaysia being invited to attend numerous HUAWEI’s events, such as HUAWEI’s Developer Day and HUAWEI Ads Summit. 

To further strengthen this partnership, the cacaFly team was invited to visit HUAWEI Malaysia’s office in February to discuss plans for 2023. Displaying true Malaysian hospitality, the HUAWEI Malaysia team gave us a warm welcome as well as a guided tour of HUAWEI Malaysia’s brilliant office.

The guided tour was just the beginning of the one-day visit. The main focus of the day saw both teams assembled in the meeting room to formulate strategies for the year ahead, covering main topics such as: 

  • HUAWEI Petal Ads marketing campaign optimization strategy
  • Introduction to HUAWEI Petal Maps products and services
  • Explore collaborative opportunities with HUAWEI Petal Search 
  • Discover the potential of China’s digital advertising market

By exploring the possibilities of HUAWEI Petal Ads and the latest trends in advertising with the HUAWEI team, our consultants gained valuable insights to devise comprehensive digital marketing strategies for our clients that cater specifically to the world’s third largest mobile ecosystem. We are confident that our partnership will benefit Malaysian businesses and brands greatly, scaling their businesses to greater heights!

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cacaFly Malaysia 专业团队,始终⾛在数位⾏销最前端,怀抱着热情、诚正的服务精神,致⼒于作为客户最值得信赖的伙伴。专注于为品牌型与成效型客户提供⼀站式数位⾏销服务,从前期调研、中期⼴告投放、MarTech 应⽤与素材制作,到后期数据分析与策略优化,协助⽆数品牌、⽹店客户有效提升业绩,成功扩展Online Business。若您需要数码营销布局、⼴告投放等⽅⾯的建议,现在就与我们的专业团队联系!您可 pm cacafly Malaysia Facebook 或电邮 [email protected]。 

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cacaFly Malaysia was founded in year 2016 with fully support from HQ Taiwan.
We are a team comprised of enthusiastic marketing experts, specializing at devising all-rounded marketing strategies and media planning that stretches from preliminary research, running ads campaign and advertising material production, to post-campaign data analysis and strategy optimization.

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