cacaFly attended HUAWEI Petal Ads Summit 2023!

HUAWEI Petal Ads Summit 2023 cover photo

HUAWEI and cacaFly have been working hand-in-hand ever since cacaFly became HUAWEI’s official partner. On March 16, HUAWEI once again invited us to attend the Petal Ads Summit 2023! This exciting event witnessed the gathering of the industry’s top players and experts, and shared about the latest developments in digital advertising.

The half-day summit packs a solid itinerary of 12 insightful sharing sessions which are targeted at brands and industry partners.

Some of the topics that were discussed at the HUAWEI Petal Ads Summit include:

✓ Deep insights on media and market consumption
✓ Integrating VR/AR with digital advertising
✓ How Petal Ads help brands in digital marketing
✓ Petal Ads success stories
✓ The market potential of mobile device marketing

This summit got us excited for the upcoming developments in digital advertising! Our close collaboration with HUAWEI has allowed us to stay updated on the latest developments and trends in the mobile device market and explore new technologies to provided top-tier marketing services to brands and enterprises.

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