4 key X features are getting an upgrade, boosting the experience for creators and users.

In today’s digital age, social media platforms are continuously exploring innovative methods to attract creators and users, fostering deeper interactions and engagement. With the introduction of new features and upgrades, the X platform is actively committed to providing a superior experience, not only for creators but also with groundbreaking efforts to enhance user experience. How will these updates impact us? Let’s delve into it together. Keep reading with cacaFly!

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Desktop Version of Space Feature Now Available! Enhancing User Engagement and Experience

Before this update, the Spaces feature on the X platform was limited to mobile devices, which restricted user participation in voice chats. However, in recent times, X has lifted this limitation, allowing users not only to participate in Spaces chats through their smartphones but also through desktop computers, introducing a variety of participation methods.

Users can now send speaking requests via the desktop version and become part of the conversation. This functionality not only offers more interactive options but also provides professional podcasters and users with advanced recording equipment and greater space and choices. In the past, these users might have been constrained by the limitations of mobile microphones, but now they can fully unleash their creativity and engage in the platform’s voice interactions.

Furthermore, this change is in line with X’s effort to foster more creativity and enrich content. Through the desktop Spaces feature, users can engage in voice interactions more freely, share viewpoints, and establish connections with other users.

Source : Social Media Today

Enhanced Media Studio Tools for Elevated Creative Possibilities

X platform is continuously updating its Media Studio tools to provide creators with expanded possibilities, enabling them to engage in content creation at a higher level. This aligns with X’s ongoing goal of becoming the preferred platform for creators, offering them more opportunities for revenue sharing, and creative tools, and simultaneously attracting greater participation from audiences and advertisers.

Moreover, an upcoming feature will allow users to sort posts on their profiles. This sorting will primarily be based on metrics like likes and comments, making it easier for users to find the most popular content from creators. Users will have the option to sort posts in their profile using the following new choices:

  • Most Recent
  • Most Liked
  • Most Engaged
Source : Andrea Conway’s X

As time goes on, X may continue to add more sorting options to this list, providing users with an additional way to discover the top posts from each user.

Introducing the”Highlights” Option, Showcasing Desired Content

X platform has recently introduced a brand new feature – the “Highlights” tab, allowing users to showcase the posts they most want to feature. The concept behind this is primarily aimed at highlighting users’ best content to attract the interest of potential subscribers and potentially encourage other users to subscribe. As of now, the “Highlights” tab is only available to X Premium subscribers. However, according to sources at Watchful, it’s revealed that the “Highlights” tab will soon be opened to all users within the app, providing more users with the opportunity to display the content they want others to see.

Source : Social Media Today

Timestamp Links Feature, Effortlessly Navigate to Desired Video Segments

X platform is also gearing up to launch the Timestamp Links feature. This functionality allows users to guide viewers to precise points within a video by specifying a timestamp in the link, enabling them to swiftly access crucial information. This holds potential applications across education, information dissemination, and entertainment domains. For instance, in educational videos, teachers can employ Timestamp Links to direct students to specific teaching highlights, thereby enhancing learning outcomes. Similarly, content creators in entertainment videos can guide their audience to exciting plot twists, enhancing the viewing experience.

Despite the numerous benefits of the Timestamp feature, many users might still be accustomed to sharing specific video segments using screenshots or clips. This practice is widespread on social media platforms as screenshots and clips directly showcase content without requiring viewers to click links to enter the video. Consequently, the application of Timestamp links could be influenced by user habits and platform interface design. Recognizing this aspect, X platform might need to underscore the uniqueness and practical value of the Timestamp link feature when promoting it, to pique users’ interest and engagement.

Source : Andrea Conway’s X

In conclusion, the recent updates on the X platform have introduced new changes for marketers while also offering users increased opportunities for engagement and creativity. These enhancements not only diversify user participation methods but also provide professional creators and advanced audio equipment users with greater room for creativity, unlocking a realm of new possibilities for content creation.

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