UTM Unveiled: A Key Player in tracking Web Traffic

Have you ever considered where your website traffic comes from? Is it from advertisements or newsletters? 

Collaborating with numerous Key Opinion Leaders (KOLs) may have brought significant traffic to your site, but have you pondered which KOL is genuinely effective?

Understanding which traffic contributes to revenue conversion allows you to identify and reduce advertisements that do not convert. Allocate more budget to ads with revenue, maximizing the efficiency of every marketing expense! 

UTM serves as the tool to distinguish traffic sources, and let cacaFly guide you in getting to know UTM and instruct you on its usage.

What is UTM?

UTM (Urchin Tracking Module) functions by appending specific parameters to the original URL, enabling the URL to be traceable. When the user clicks on a URL containing UTM parameters, their actions can be captured and recorded in tools like Google Analytics (GA) or CRM systems. Depending on the marketing channel, you can generate unique UTMs for each platform (Facebook, LinkedIn, WhatsApp, etc.) to begin analyzing traffic data from these social platforms.

When users arrive at a website through a link, GA4 starts categorizing the traffic source. Without manually including UTM, Google will categorize it based on its own rules, as shown in the image below. At this point, it becomes impossible to accurately identify the traffic source.

UTM consists of five parameters, which are appended to the end of the URL. These parameters can be customized with user-defined names, providing flexibility in analysis. As illustrated in the following image, each UTM parameter carries its own specific meaning.

When would you use UTM?

UTM plays a crucial role in marketing, whether you are a social media editor, marketing planner, or advertising professional, utilizing UTM to track marketing effectiveness is applicable in various scenarios. Here are situations where we recommend using UTM:

  • A/B Testing

Use UTM to compare the effectiveness of different post formats, dates, and channels to determine which marketing approaches contribute to brand exposure and conversions.

  • OMO Events / QR Code Traffic Tracking

UTM can also be employed to track the effectiveness of physical events. By attaching UTM parameters to the URL and generating a QR code with the UTM-enabled URL, you can print the QR code on flyers, offline devices, etc. This allows for effective evaluation of which offline methods yield better results.

How to Create UTM?

Creating UTM is very simple. Just use the UTM generator like Google UTM builder , enter each parameter in order, and the URL with UTM will be generated!

Here’s a reference on how marketers usually name their UTM parameters. Let’s take a look at how cacaFly name UTM parameters. Here are example, focusing primarily on source and medium. GA4 defaults to displaying Source and Medium in its main reports. These forms provide source / medium naming example

In summary, UTM is an incredibly practical and fundamental tool for marketers. When combined with Google Analytics, it enables effective analysis of traffic data, leading to further optimization of marketing strategies!

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