Meta Advertisement Updates! Helping E-commerce Entrepreneurs Seize Opportunities

In response to the booming trend of online shopping, Meta has recently introduced several advertisement updates. These updates not only strengthen the AI technology but also add features to optimize marketing processes for retailers, significantly enhancing Meta’s competitiveness as a marketing channel. Let’s delve into these updates with cacaFly to help your business thrive!

1. Advantage+ automatically optimizes ratios of ads

According to Meta’s advertisement data, the proportion of daily video views on Meta platforms (Facebook, Instagram) increased by 25% in Q4 compared to the same period. This reflects the market’s emphasis on audiovisual content. To address this trend, Meta’s Advantage+ has added a new feature to automatically optimize video ads to 9:16 ratios. This prevents material distortion or improper proportions, thereby enhancing user viewing experience.    

2. Advantage+ Catalog Ads now allow video imports

Advantage+ Catalog Ads, introduced by Meta last year, collect user interests and provide personalized content recommendations. Now, Meta announces that global advertisers can showcase products through videos, as opposed to static images used previously. Dynamic videos are more effective in capturing customer attention. Moreover, catalog ads utilize AI technology to automatically showcase the best products based on user preferences, thereby boosting ad effectiveness.


3. Reminder ads now allow external links

Reminder ads on Instagram now allow advertisers to include external links, enabling interested consumers to directly click the link to purchase on the website. Meta also plans to expand the use of reminder ads to Reels in the future. 


4. Using promo codes to track sales data and increase in conversions

Facebook and Instagram ads  have introduced promo codes. This feature displays promo codes in ad posts to attract customer attention. When consumers click the “Shop now” button in the ad, they are directed to the checkout page with the promo code automatically applied, streamlining the checkout process. Additionally, backend systems record promo code usage, allowing brands to track sales performance.


5. All advertisers can use ads with product tags

Ads with product tags display product information directly in ads on Facebook and Instagram, facilitating browsing and immediate purchase for customers. In April of this year, this feature will expand to Facebook Feed (currently Instagram only), and all businesses.  (whether or not they maintain a Shop.

Source : Meta

As the number of online shoppers continues to grow, the e-commerce advertising market expands. Meta’s updates provide competitive features for numerous brands with online stores, helping them create eye-catching ads and ultimately improve brand sales performance! Business owners can also test these features. If you’d like to read the full article, click here!

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