Mastering Website Data For Outstanding Advertising Results

Traffic not only attracts visitors but also drives revenue! However, facing the constantly rising costs of traffic has become an undeniable challenge for various brands. In the face of such challenges, do you think the only solution is to continually increase advertising budgets? No!

E-commerce Must Read! In-Depth Analysis of GA4 Raw Data Architecture

This article will guide you through the architecture of GA4 raw data and explore the practical application of raw parameters in tracking consumer behavior for both “e-commerce” and “brand” perspectives. After understanding these parameters, we’ll delve into how to effectively apply them on a brand’s official website or e-commerce platform.

Why Does Your Shopify Need to Connect to GA4?

Shopify needed to connect to GA4 to improve data analytics and monitoring. TenMax GA4 import solution team overcomes these challenges to provide Shopify merchants with more complete competitive advantage and data insights!

Maximize the Value of Your Surveys! How to Perfectly Analyze Zero-Party and First-Party Data with GA4?

With the rising awareness of privacy, governments and tech giants worldwide are introducing policies in response. For instance, Google plans to block third-party cookies in browsers by 2024, and Apple restricts app developers from tracking the Identifier for Advertisers (IDFA) without the user’s explicit consent. In this context, “first-party data” and “zero-party data” that brands legitimately collect have become lifelines. Maximizing the application of data, achieving optimal marketing effectiveness through limited tracking, has become one of the hottest topics in the digital marketing industry.

Instagram’s Latest Update! Essential Information for Marketers, Analyzing the Four Newest Features on Instagram

Following the updates in November, Instagram has once again rolled out several significant changes. In addition to the previous introduction of virtual gifts and open subscription features in Instagram Reels, this update includes new features such as the ability to set posts for Closed Friends and share comments on Stories! Let’s explore together with cacaFly Malaysia to discover the latest functionalities introduced on Instagram!

Instagram Reels ads upgrade for year-end shopping season!

Singles’ Day is approaching, and Meta has also introduced a series of new advertising features for Instagram Reels, allowing businesses to better utilize these features to enhance their performance, especially during the shopping festival. Let’s now explore the new Instagram Reels advertising features with cacaFly!