【Digital Marketing for Mother’s Day】Part 1: Holiday Trends & Marketing Timelines

May is coming soon. Have you prepared your Mother’s Day marketing plan? The audience for Mother’s Day is vast. Aside from children giving gifts to their mothers, stores can target consumers who want to give gifts to their mothers-in-law, mothers-in-law, wives, or even women who want to reward and pamper themselves. Many consumers have started searching for Mother’s Day shopping at the end of March; therefore, stores must plan the brand’s marketing strategy NOW. cacaFly has prepared a Digital Marketing Guide for Mother’s Day for you. This article will introduce you to Mother’s Day shopping opportunities and marketing schedule planning. The following article will introduce you to the audience, marketing activities, and advertising materials. Let’s take a look together !

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Insight into Mother’s Day Business Opportunities: Online Shopping Is More Popular Than In-Store Shopping

Research shows that more and more consumers prefer to shop online rather than go to physical stores to buy gifts. Therefore, stores not only do they need to lay out offline promotional strategies, but they also need to pay more attention to online business. The following provides two insights related to Mother’s Day business opportunities. Let’s take a look together!

  1. Online shopping is more popular than in-store shopping.

According to Digital Malaysia 2023, consumer shopping behavior shows that as high as 61.3% of Malaysians will buy products or services online. In addition, more than 55% of netizens will go online to find shopping information, and 69% of customers will first Google search before shopping. Therefore, whether it is an online or physical store, they must do an excellent job of online marketing layout, allowing customers to see and buy more quickly when they search.

  1. Mother’s Day is one of the days with the highest user traffic on delivery platforms.

Online shopping is prevalent, and data shows consumers tend to send gifts through Grab rather than in person. For example, 67% of respondents stated that they are willing to buy Mother’s Day gifts, of which 78% of people plan to buy gifts online and send them to their mothers through Grab or other delivery apps. In addition, in 2021, Mother’s Day became one of the days with the highest user traffic on delivery platforms in Singapore and Malaysia, ranking seventh and eleventh, respectively. Therefore, it is recommended that stores not only layout offline promotions but also pay attention to online business and try to improve the speed and convenience of delivery and pickup to meet the needs of consumers.

What are the famous Mother’s Day gifts? Flowers and cakes are the most pleasing to mothers.

Next, learn which industries are the most popular and best-selling during Mother’s Day.

Cakes and flowers are the most popular Mother’s Day gifts in Singapore, Malaysia, and the Philippines. According to Grab data, the number of flowers sent on Mother’s Day in Singapore is 20 times higher than usual, even exceeding the number of flowers sent on Valentine’s Day. In addition to cakes and flowers, which have always dominated the list, meat-related ingredients are also prevalent in Malaysia on Mother’s Day. According to data, orders on GrabMart surged 1.6 times higher than usual during Mother’s Day. It is speculated that many children buy ingredients through food delivery on Mother’s Day to prepare a special meal for their mothers.

When does Mother’s Day marketing start? It begins at the end of March and peaks in May.

Choosing a reasonable marketing period to promote your products not only allows your brand to be seen by more people but, more importantly, it can give you an earlier opportunity to reach out to consumers than other brands, making them aware of your products and increasing their confidence in your products and brand. So now, let me share the best time for Mother’s Day marketing.

Preparation period: March 20 to April 30

Mother’s Day falls on the second Sunday of May, but April and May are hectic months in Malaysia. Besides Mother’s Day, there are significant festivals such as Ramadan and Eid al-Fitr for Malaysians. Therefore, it is recommended to start planning Mother’s Day marketing strategies in late March or early April. Increase the product’s exposure from mid-April, strengthen consumers’ awareness of the brand and products, and leave an impression on consumers’ minds earlier than other competitors so that consumers can place orders during the Mother’s Day shopping season from May to June.

Keyword searches gradually increase in May, entering the golden sales period.

From early May, you can start executing promotions and capturing consumers’ attention to encourage them to place orders or make purchases. According to a reporter from “Metropolitan,” most flower shops begin to receive orders three weeks before Mother’s Day, while the cake and bouquet market enters the sales peak in the three days before Mother’s Day.

According to keyword searches on Google Trends, it is found that May is the peak period for Malaysians to search for Mother’s Day-related keywords, which can be attributed to everyone searching for Mother’s Day gifts at this time.

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In summary, Mother’s Day is a significant holiday, and businesses must prepare and develop clear marketing plans to attract more consumers and increase sales. By continuously learning and analyzing market trends and customer needs, companies can stand out in this competitive market, gain more business opportunities, and increase their chances of success!

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