2023 Instagram’s Latest Algorithm Revealed: Comprehensive of Stories, Feed, Reels, and Explore Algorithms

Instagram is one of the globally renowned social media platforms, with billions of users sharing and browsing various content every day. However, users often notice that different posts appear in different orders in their Feed, Stories, or Reels. This is because Instagram utilizes a complex algorithm to determine the ranking and display order of content. Recently, the CEO of Instagram shared the latest 2023 Instagram algorithm on their own Instagram account. In a video, they provided a detailed explanation of their ranking algorithm and offered key insights to help users better understand why they see specific content on the platform. Let’s dive in and take a look!

What is the Instagram algorithm?

The Instagram algorithm is a complex ranking system that customizes the display of content based on user’s personal preferences and interests. This algorithm takes into account users’ actions on the platform, such as likes, comments, and shares, to understand their preferences. Additionally, it considers other factors like post popularity, engagement level, and publishing time. By analyzing this data, the Instagram algorithm recommends the most relevant and interesting content to users.

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Algorithmic Sorting Rules for Stories, Feed, Reels, and Explore

Instagram’s CEO stated that the algorithm used by Instagram is not a single pattern but consists of multiple algorithmic modes. Instagram determines the recommended content based on different “signals” such as user preferences, publishers, and the content of the posts. In other words, each section of Instagram has its independent algorithm. For example, Stories have their algorithm, and Reels have their algorithm.

1. How Instagram rank Stories


Have you ever noticed that when you open Instagram, Stories from your frequently contacted friends always appear? This is because the Instagram algorithm predicts the content that you are most interested in seeing and displays it in Stories. So, what indicators and signals does Instagram use to determine the ranking of Instagram Stories?

The sorting and display of Instagram Stories are based on the following indicators:

User interactions: Opening Stories, replying, and reacting

This includes users clicking on your Stories, reacting to Stories, and replying to Stories. So, if you frequently interact with a particular friend, their Stories will appear at the top of your Stories list.

Personal interactions: Watching Stories, interaction history, familiarity

In addition, the algorithm infers your interests and preferences based on your past behavior, preferences, and accounts you follow. Therefore, based on your online activities, the algorithm prioritizes recommending Stories that align with your interests. At the same time, the algorithm evaluates your relationship with the Stories’ publishers. If you frequently reply to a friend’s Stories, you are more likely to see their Stories.

Optimization focus: Increasing user replies and reactions

Starting from 2023, user reactions to Stories also contribute to the interaction data. Therefore, for optimization, it is recommended to create content that encourages users to reply and react. For example, you can create Stories in the form of questions to prompt followers to reply or leverage popular real-time topics to resonate with your audience and achieve more reactions to your Stories.

2. . How Instagram rank Feed

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Next is the Feed page. The Feed page is the first screen that all Instagram users see when they open the app. Some may think that the Feed algorithm is based solely on “post time” for sorting, but in reality, Instagram has made significant updates to the Feed algorithm. Now, the Feed is no longer simply arranged chronologically; instead, it uses its own set of content recommendation rules to push relevant content to users’ Feeds. So, what indicators are these rules based on?

User interaction history: Likes, comments, shares, profile visits, time spent

When a user likes, comments on, shares, directly visits the profile of the post creator, or spends more time on a post, these indicators are recorded by the algorithm.

Relevance: Post content, author, interactions with the creator

The algorithm analyzes the content of the post, including captions, images, or videos. Additionally, it takes into account the author of the post and the interactions between the user and the creator.

Optimization focus: Increase share rate, time spent, and profile visits

In terms of optimizing the Feed page, it is recommended to encourage users to share content they find interesting. When a user shares a post, it increases the exposure of the post. Additionally, creating engaging content is essential to keep users engaged for a longer time on the posts. When users spend more time on a post, this interaction is considered as their interest in the content by the algorithm. Lastly, encourage users to visit your profile. Creators can guide users to click on their profiles to explore more interesting content.

3. How Instagram rank Reels

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The third aspect is Reels. In recent years, Reels has been a key focus area for Instagram. The President of Instagram has stated that the primary purpose of Reels is to entertain users. Therefore, it is recommended to create entertaining content to gain more traction! Here are the sorting rules for Reels:

Interaction history: User completion rate, user engagement with the music you use

User completion rate refers to whether users watch the entire Reel or exit prematurely. This metric reflects the level of user interest and engagement with the Reel’s content.

Next is the interaction history, which measures the level of interaction between users and Reel content. This includes likes, comments, shares, saves, and other actions. The more frequent the interaction history, the higher the user engagement, which is an important indicator for the algorithm. To increase interaction rates, creators can actively respond to user comments and messages, fostering engagement with users.

If a user clicks on the music you use while watching Reels, it also has a positive impact on the performance of your Reel. Therefore, when selecting music, consider choosing popular, trending, or relevant music to capture users’ interest and inspire them to engage with your Reel.

Content quality: Reel content, author, interactions with the creator

The Instagram algorithm not only considers the viewing time and interaction of users within Reels but also infers the content based on the Reel’s title and music. Thus, if you want your Reels to gain higher exposure, it is recommended to choose titles that are relevant to content. A captivating and consistent title can help attract more user attention.

Additionally, Reel creators play a significant role in influencing the algorithm. The algorithm considers the interaction between the creator and users. Actively engaging with users, responding to comments, and fostering a positive interactive relationship with users as a creator can help increase your influence and exposure.

Optimization direction: Increase completion rate and enhance music interest for Reels

Here are three important elements for optimizing Reels. Firstly, having a high completion rate is crucial for Reels optimization. The Instagram algorithm takes note of the duration users spend watching Reels. Therefore, if your Reels can capture users’ interest and keep them watching the entire video, the algorithm will consider it as a measure of content appeal. It is recommended to create engaging and attention-grabbing Reel content, utilizing editing techniques and unique visual effects to capture users’ attention.

Secondly, music plays a significant role in enhancing the appeal of Reels. Choosing suitable music can add atmosphere and emotion to your videos, attracting users’ interest and resonating with them. When selecting music, consider matching the music style or theme with the content of your Reels, or choose popular and well-liked songs to attract users’ attention.

Lastly, creators or businesses should keep the duration of their Reels relatively short. Ideally, aim for Reels that are between 15 seconds to 1 minute in length. This way, users will be more likely to have the patience to watch the entire video.

4.How Instagram rank Explore

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Explore is primarily designed for users to discover new posts. The content selection process in Explore is similar to Reels. The main function of Explore is to provide users with interesting content from accounts they are not yet following. Let’s take a look at the algorithm sorting rules for Explore.

User Interactions and Personal Interactions

Based on a user’s interactions with posts, such as comments, likes, and shares, the algorithm adjusts the sorting of posts on the Explore page. Additionally, the algorithm considers the level of interaction between a user and specific accounts, such as follows, comments, and viewing history, to tailor the sorting of content on the Explore page.

Popularity and Relevance of Posts

In addition to likes and comments, the algorithm takes into account a user’s interests and interaction history to display posts that are relevant to their interests. If your posts receive a high number of likes, they will be classified as “interesting content” and are more likely to be promoted.

Optimization Focus: Increase the Rate of Accumulated Interactions

It is recommended to create more engaging content that captures users’ attention and encourages interaction. By offering unique and interesting content, you can increase users’ interest and engagement. Additionally, incorporating interactive elements in your posts, such as asking questions about users’ opinions or encouraging them to share their experiences, can enhance user participation and increase the rate of interactions with your posts.

Through this article, we believe that everyone has gained a deeper understanding of Instagram’s algorithm. This knowledge is particularly important for users, creators, and businesses operating on Instagram. By gaining a thorough understanding of Instagram’s algorithm, they can apply it to their social media marketing strategies to enhance user experience and increase the visibility of their videos or products. Click here to view the official Instagram original text.

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