Instagram Subscription Feature Revealed: What Exclusive Content Presentation Styles Are Available?

Many creators earn income through Instagram, and recently, Instagram has opened up the subscription feature to over 10 countries. In the previous article, we shared what Instagram Subscriptions are and the related policies before their official usage. Today, in this article, we will focus on discussing the subscription experience and the benefits of having the subscription feature open. Let’s dive in together!

Source : Instagram

Subscription User Experience: Exclusive content accessible through Posts, Reels, and Stories!

The subscription experience primarily aims to provide subscribers with unique, valuable, and engaging content from creators. This exclusive content allows subscribers to establish a closer connection with the creators, and the hope is to leverage the power of loyal fan communities to drive traffic.

Furthermore, Instagram’s subscription model elevates the status of dedicated fans within the community. Subscribers will receive a purple badge next to their comments and direct messages, making it easier for creators to identify them and prioritize their responses. This not only fosters a tighter fan community but also narrows the gap between subscribers and creators.

Having a loyal fan base allows creators to have a more stable source of income. Therefore, creators must continuously update and provide exclusive content and benefits to subscribers to keep them motivated to maintain their subscriptions.

Post, Reels, and Stories – all can present exclusive content!

Creators can showcase exclusive content in familiar formats such as Post, Reels, and Stories.

Post 、Reels、Stories:

The difference lies in the ability to set these contents visible only to subscribers. It is recommended for creators to publish content related to daily life, behind-the-scenes moments, creative processes, or in-depth explanations for a deeper connection with subscribers.

For example, marketing-oriented creators can post a “5 Secrets to Mastering Instagram Marketing” and add a call-to-action (CTA) at the end of the image, encouraging viewers to subscribe for more in-depth content. Once subscribed, creators can delve further into the secrets of Instagram marketing, attracting more subscribers and providing them with valuable exclusive content, thereby strengthening the bond with fans.

Live Streaming:

Furthermore, creators can use live streaming to deliver exclusive content, share behind-the-scenes moments, exciting highlights, or special events, allowing subscribers to feel immersed in the experience.

Real-time interaction allows subscribers to respond immediately, ask questions, or leave comments, and creators can address these queries and engage with subscribers in real-time. By promoting and setting reminders for live streams, creators can involve more subscribers, increasing viewership and interaction. Live streaming also serves as an effective brand promotion and marketing tool. Creators can showcase products, demonstrate usage, or promote brand events, enhancing brand exposure and awareness.


In addition to the familiar methods of posting, direct messaging, and live streaming, creators can establish exclusive subscriber channels for sharing valuable and exclusive content. For instance, Kpop fan clubs can create channels where fans of a specific idol can share real-time updates on the idol’s schedule, concert information, and other related news.

Moreover, creating exclusive channels opens up more opportunities for creators to offer member privileges, limited-time offers, exclusive discounts, etc., further encouraging subscriber participation and interaction. Additionally, creators can use channel analytics to understand subscribers’ preferences and needs, enabling them to adjust content and strategies more accurately, providing content that better meets subscriber expectations, and increasing the channel’s appeal and influence.

Source : IG Subscriptions PlayBook

Benefits of Opening Subscription Feature: Increased Loyalty, Creator’s Income, and High-Quality Content

Benefit 1: Enhanced Subscriber Loyalty

Establishing close relationships with subscribers increases their loyalty to the creator. When subscribers feel special attention and value, they are more likely to remain part of the creator’s subscriber community and stay updated with the creator’s content.

Benefit 2: Creation of More Engaging Content

With the subscription feature enabled, creators will actively strive to create interesting and valuable content to attract more subscribers. They will understand subscribers’ desire for exclusive content and make extra efforts to provide unique and exclusive content, attracting more users to become subscribers.

To meet subscribers’ expectations and attract more subscriptions, creators may try new creative ideas and content formats, explore different themes and topics, and share their insights and stories in greater depth. This proactive creative attitude will continually inspire creators’ creativity and innovation, resulting in a diverse range of content that attracts more attention and support from users.

Benefit 3: Establishment of Closer Connections with Subscribers

By sharing relevant daily content, creators have more opportunities to understand subscribers’ interests and needs. Through feedback and interactions with subscribers, creators can gain a better understanding of their audience, adjust content and strategies accordingly, and provide content that aligns with subscribers’ expectations, thus increasing their satisfaction and loyalty.

Moreover, building closer relationships is not only one-sided; creators will also gain insights into subscribers’ thoughts and opinions. This two-way communication and interaction promote a deeper level of connection, making subscribers feel like not just viewers but also friends of the creator.

Benefit 4: Increased Creator’s Income

As the number of subscribers increases, so does the creator’s income, becoming a stable source of revenue. With the growth of subscribers and income, creators have more funds and resources to invest in content production and improvement. They can enhance content quality and frequency, offer more exclusive content and creative materials, thus further attracting and retaining more subscribers.

This positive cycle propels the creator’s brand and creative endeavors to higher levels. With increased income, creators have more opportunities to expand their influence and brand impact, further growing the number of subscribers and fans.

Source : Instagram

Tips for Maintaining Creator-Subscriber Relationship and Two Rewards for Subscribers!

After subscribers have joined a creator’s subscription, the creator can provide some incentives and rewards to enhance subscriber loyalty. Here are two rewards that creators can offer:

Reward 1: Next 5 Promo

The Next 5 Promo refers to a 50% discount that subscribers can enjoy when they subscribe to the next creator. Through the Next 5 Promo, creators can encourage subscribers to explore more interesting content and increase their engagement within the creator’s community. This type of promotional offer can also foster collaboration and interaction between creators, creating a mutually beneficial creative ecosystem.

Reward 2: Cancellation Promo

In addition to the Next 5 Promo, another benefit is the Cancellation Promo. The Cancellation Promo allows subscribers to enjoy one month of free subscription to the creator, and after one month, they can unsubscribe for free if they choose to do so.

Source : IG Subscriptions PlayBook

Offers are a method that creators can use to provide discounts and rewards to subscribers with the aim of increasing subscriber loyalty and retention. By utilizing incentives like Next 5 Promo and Cancellation Promo, creators can attract new subscribers while also retaining existing ones. Additionally, they have the flexibility to control the distribution of benefits and rewards by enabling or disabling Offers in the Professional Dashboard.

Secrets to Maintaining the Creator-Subscriber Relationship

Creators who can attract subscribers possess the following traits: creating engaging content, updating content regularly, and interacting with subscribers.

  1. Provide Exclusive Video Content for Subscribers

Creating exclusive content tailored to subscribers generates excitement and motivates fans to subscribe, making them feel that their subscription is truly worthwhile. During the creative process, creators should prepare unique video content specifically for subscribers, content that only they can access. This could include behind-the-scenes footage, unpublished creative processes, exclusive events, or special interviews limited to subscribers. By offering such unique content, creators can establish a distinctive subscription experience, making subscribers feel special and valued.

  1. Implement”Content Previews”

Creators can introduce a “content preview” feature that allows non-subscribed fans to browse a portion of the content within a few seconds while encouraging them to subscribe for full access. “Content previews” serve as a powerful strategy to attract potential subscribers. By showcasing a compelling glimpse of content within a short time frame, creators can pique fans’ curiosity and interest. These previews can be video clips, exciting segments, or the beginning of an article, enough to capture the attention of potential subscribers.

  1. Create a”Welcome Video” for Subscribers

Creators can produce a personalized “welcome video” to thank subscribers for their support. In the “welcome video,” creators can also briefly introduce the exclusive content and privileges that subscribers will enjoy. This thoughtful gesture fosters a sense of appreciation and connection with subscribers, making them feel valued and part of a special community.

Source : IG Subscriptions PlayBook
  1. Create Content Plans

During the initial phase of implementing the subscription feature, creators can collaborate with subscribers to establish content plans. Involving subscribers in the content creation process gives them a sense of participation and fosters a closer relationship between creators and subscribers.

Opening the subscription feature on Instagram brings numerous benefits to creators. Apart from providing a stable source of income, it allows creators to establish closer connections with subscribers, offer high-quality content, and increase subscriber loyalty through incentives and rewards. To achieve success with the subscription model, creators must consistently update their content, attract more subscribers, and maintain interactions with their audience. This continuous effort will contribute to a thriving subscription model for creators on Instagram!

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