Instagram Expands Subscription Feature ! New Income Source for Creators in 10 Countries Revealed

Instagram has always been a platform for many creators to showcase their talents and passions. In 2022, Instagram launched a brand-new feature called “Instagram Subscriptions,” offering creators a fresh opportunity for income and fan interaction. The main purpose of this feature is to help creators earn monthly revenue by providing exclusive content and turning their creative endeavors into tangible earnings. Simultaneously, it enables creators to engage more closely with their fans, fostering deeper connections.

As Instagram Subscriptions was initially in the testing phase during its launch, many people may still not be very familiar with it. Today, let’s follow cacaFly to explore Instagram Subscriptions together!

What are Instagram Subscriptions?

Instagram Subscriptions is a feature launched by Instagram, primarily aimed at helping creators earn monthly income by providing exclusive content. This feature allows creators to monetize their passion while also enhancing interaction with their fans. With Instagram Subscriptions, creators can offer exclusive content such as photos, videos, live streams, courses, discounts, and more, which they make available to their subscribers.

Source : Instagram Subscriptions Playbook

How do creators use Instagram Subscriptions to earn income ?

Instagram Subscriptions provide creators with a fresh source of income, as they can attract more subscribers by offering exclusive content, enticing their fans to opt for monthly paid subscriptions.

Moreover, Instagram Subscriptions also offer several tools and features to help creators manage their subscribers and content. For instance, creators can use subscriber badges to identify and respond to their supporters, engage with them through subscriber chats, use question or poll stickers to understand what content their audience wants to see, and utilize content previews to showcase exclusive content.

Instagram Subscriptions Precautions

Before officially using Instagram Subscriptions, there are several guidelines and policies outlined in the Instagram Subscriptions Playbook released by the official Instagram team. Let’s take a look together!

1. What to Consider When Joining Instagram Subscriptions?

The Instagram Revenue Guidelines and Policies refer to the regulations and standards that creators need to adhere to when using income-generating tools like Instagram Subscriptions. These guidelines and policies aim to ensure the safety and well-being of the Instagram community while protecting the rights of both creators and subscribers.

Some of these guidelines and policies include:

  • Adherence to Instagram Community Guidelines:

Creators must comply with the Instagram Community Guidelines, which include rules against hate speech, calls for violence, sexualized content, and other regulations. Any content that violates the community guidelines may result in creators losing eligibility to use income-generating tools such as Instagram Subscriptions.

  • Compliance with Instagram Content Monetization Policies:

Instagram’s Content Monetization Policies require creators to follow more stringent guidelines to ensure that the content they provide meets Instagram’s standards. These regulations cover aspects such as the theme, format, quality, and originality of the content.

  • Ensuring Account Legitimacy:

Creators need to ensure that their accounts are legitimate and that they have the right to use income-generating tools like Instagram Subscriptions. This includes ensuring that they have the copyrights and permissions for the content they use and complying with Instagram’s payment and payment receipt regulations.

Source : Instagram Subscriptions Playbook

2. Instagram Subscriptions Subscription Process

Step 1: Confirm Eligibility

Firstly, creators need to verify if they meet the requirements of the Instagram Partner Monetization Policies to qualify for using income-generating tools like Instagram Subscriptions. If eligible, creators can set up the subscription feature in the Professional Dashboard.

Step 2: Create Subscription Content

Worried about how to set up subscription content? Just click on Instagram Profile > Professional Dashboard > Your tools > Subscriptions > Get started. In the Subscriptions section, creators can update payment information and view monthly earnings and subscriber overviews, including metrics like monthly active, expired, and net new subscribers.

Source : Instagram Subscriptions Playbook

Step 3: Set Subscription Fees

Creators need to set the subscription fees to determine the amount subscribers will be charged. They can offer different subscription options by setting various subscription fees.

Source : Instagram Subscriptions Playbook

Step 4: Set Up Subscriber Chat

Creators can utilize subscriber chat to engage with their subscribers. This allows creators to better understand their subscribers and provide a more personalized subscription experience.

Step 5: Use Question and Poll Stickers

Lastly, creators can use Q&A sessions or poll stickers to gather insights into the type of content their subscribers want to see. This enables creators to understand their subscribers’ preferences and needs, enhancing the overall subscription experience.

3. Requirements and Eligibility Criteria for Using Instagram Subscriptions

a. Adhere to Instagram’s Community Guidelines:

Creators need to comply with Instagram’s Community Guidelines, which include refraining from posting illegal, fraudulent, obscene, or hate speech content.

b. Meet Instagram Account Requirements:

Creators need to have an Instagram account that meets the Instagram Partner Monetization Policies. This includes having a business account, having at least 10,000 followers, and adhering to Instagram’s terms of use and community guidelines.

c. Comply with Instagram Partner Monetization Policies:

Creators must follow Instagram’s Partner Monetization Policies to qualify for using income-generating tools like Instagram Subscriptions. These policies include not infringing on intellectual property rights and not posting false, misleading, or deceptive content.

Today, we have provided you with a basic understanding of the fundamental usage rules and related policies of Instagram Subscriptions. In the next article, we will delve deeper into the subscription experience and how creators can attract more subscribers by promoting Instagram Subscriptions. Don’t miss out ! To learn more, you can click here to visit the official website.

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