Meta Verified Expansion Program, Corporate accounts can now be verified too !

After Meta announced the Meta Verified program for creators in February, Meta is now preparing to expand this program further, extending Meta Verified for Business to enterprises. Let’s take a closer look at what makes Meta Verified special !

What is Meta Verified for Business?

Meta Verified for Business is an innovative feature on the Meta platform designed to help businesses establish a credible brand presence. This service allows businesses to authenticate their basic information on social media, ensuring authenticity and enhancing user trust in their brand. Through Meta Verified for Business, brands can obtain a blue checkmark, making it easier for users to recognize a verified corporate brand.

Source : Meta

There are Multiple Pricing Options for Verification, Suitable for Both Businesses and Individuals!

Meta offers a variety of pricing options to cater to the needs of different types and sizes of businesses, as well as individual creators:

For Individual Creators:

Currently, Meta Verified offers pricing plans for individual creators at $11.99 per platform per month if purchased on the website or $14.99 per month if subscribed through the app. Additionally, Meta has introduced Facebook + Instagram verification for individual creators for $19.99 per month, available worldwide.

For Business Users:

For business users, Meta’s pricing plans are $21.99 per month per Instagram account or Facebook page (when purchased on the website) or $27.99 per month per account through Mobile Sign Up. Furthermore, Meta is currently considering offering another combination plan that allows simultaneous verification of Facebook and Instagram accounts for $34.99 per month.

Source : Meta

Pros and Cons of the Meta Verified Program at a Glance!

Now that you understand what Meta Verified is and the pricing plans for verification, you might be wondering what the benefits are after spending a few dollars to verify your account. Below, we’ve compiled the advantages for businesses using Meta Verified! Let’s take a look:

  1. Establish Trust

Obtaining a certified logo makes a business appear more reliable and reputable on social media platforms, reducing the risk of impersonation by malicious actors. This can help them attract a larger audience and more customers because the verification badge indicates that their account is officially recognized.

  1. Increase Visibility

The blue verification check not only enhances credibility but also boosts visibility on social media. As mentioned earlier, Meta provides additional exposure opportunities, meaning verified businesses can be discovered by users on a broader scale, thus increasing their visibility.

  1. More Options and Flexibility

Additionally, Meta Verified offers options with different prices and plans to accommodate various types and sizes of businesses. This means that businesses can choose the most suitable verification method based on their needs and budget. For example, if a business primarily operates and promotes itself on Instagram, it can opt for Instagram verification to increase its Instagram exposure.

  1. Precise Advertising Targeting

Meta Verified for Business is closely integrated with advertising, allowing brands to display ads precisely to their target audience. Moreover, ads from certified brands often grab users’ attention more easily because they signify that the business is trustworthy. This can increase click-through rates and conversion rates, thereby improving the effectiveness and return on investment of advertisements.

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Challenges Encountered:

While there are many benefits to Meta Verified, there are still some challenges that may arise:

  1. Diminishing Value of the Blue Checkmark

As more businesses and creators register and purchase Meta Verified plans, the blue checkmark may gradually lose its past uniqueness and trustworthiness. Users might begin to doubt the authenticity of this symbol since it no longer signifies credibility as it used to. This could lead to reduced user trust in the verification badge, diminishing its effectiveness as a trust-building tool.

  1. Limited Customer Support Services

With an increasing number of users registering and using Meta Verified for Business, the platform may face a shortage of customer service personnel. This could result in users not being able to receive immediate assistance when encountering issues with post-purchase support or while using the service. For businesses, the lack of immediate support could potentially impact their willingness to use and manage Meta Verified for Business.

Certification Badge Holders and WhatsApp Verification:

Meta officials have also mentioned that in this Meta Verified program, WhatsApp verification is included. Since WhatsApp is one of the most popular instant messaging apps in Malaysia, widely used by businesses and individual users, it has become an essential tool for business and personal communication. This is why incorporating WhatsApp verification into the Meta Verified program is an important decision. Therefore, if WhatsApp also has a verification feature, it can help businesses or users conducting business on WhatsApp increase their credibility.

Source : Social Media Today

I believe that after reading this article, everyone will recognize that the Meta Verified program offers significant advantages for businesses and creators, including building brand credibility, increasing visibility, precise advertising targeting, and providing greater flexibility. This is crucial for businesses and individuals looking to stand out in the digital age. However, it’s also important to consider potential challenges, such as the diminishing value of the blue checkmark due to increasing certifications and limitations in customer support services. These issues need to be carefully balanced and addressed to ensure that the Meta Verified program continues to deliver maximum value to users.

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