Xiaohongshu Professional Accounts Arrive! What’s the Difference Between Professional and Personal Accounts?

With the rise of social media, both individuals and businesses are actively seeking more exposure opportunities and innovative ways to promote themselves. Xiaohongshu , as a social platform highly popular among young people, has recently updated its account categorization and introduced Xiaohongshu Professional Accounts. Today, cacaFly is here to help everyone understand what a Xiaohongshu Professional Account is ! Let’s dive into it together!

What is a Xiaohongshu Professional Account, and What Makes It Special?

You might be curious about what makes Xiaohongshu Professional Accounts unique, right? Well, come take a look! Xiaohongshu Professional Accounts offer users three main features:

  1. Exclusive Identity

Professional accounts for businesses will have an exclusive blue checkmark, allowing them to showcase their brand’s professional image.

  1. Powerful Features

Xiaohongshu Professional Accounts come with a range of powerful features, including unified login, multi-account management, KOL (Key Opinion Leader) search, and an advertising platform. Businesses can also use professional accounts to host interactive events such as giveaways and discuss commercial topics to engage and increase their follower base.

  1. Advanced Marketing Tools

Professional accounts can access various advanced marketing tools, such as the Dandelion platform for finding KOLs or the Spotlight platform for advertising placement. These tools enable professional accounts to gain priority exposure and attract a larger audience of their target demographics.

The Many Benefits of Xiaohongshu Professional Accounts – Don’t Miss These 6 Advantages!

Having explored the characteristics of Xiaohongshu Professional Accounts, let’s now share what you can do with them! Why should you consider converting your account into a Professional Account? Well, here’s why:

  1. Respond to Private Messages

You can easily respond to private messages within a unified login, which is highly practical for users managing a large volume of messages. Furthermore, users of Xiaohongshu Professional Accounts can engage in one-on-one private interactions through the “Respond to Private Messages” feature. This is particularly helpful for addressing personalized inquiries, providing expert advice, or resolving customer issues. Without the need for public discussions, users have greater freedom to share information and ask questions.

For Businesses : The “Respond to Private Messages” feature serves as a crucial tool for customer service. Users can directly reach out to brands to ask questions, provide feedback, or seek assistance. Brands can respond promptly, fostering stronger customer relationships. Additionally, templates can be used for private messages. When businesses receive a large number of private messages on the same topic, they can efficiently provide predefined response methods to users, facilitating quicker contact.

For KOL : Managing a large volume of messages can be challenging. The “Respond to Private Messages” feature allows users to handle messages from various users in an organized manner while maintaining a high standard of communication quality.

2. Multiple Administrators for Account Management

Xiaohongshu platform imposes traffic and promotion limits on each account. With the “Multi-account Management” feature of Professional Accounts, a single account can be managed by up to 10 administrators. When switching between accounts, there’s no need to worry about traffic limitations.

3. Activate the Dandelion Platform

The Dandelion platform is a service introduced by Xiaohongshu for facilitating collaborations between high-quality creators and businesses. It primarily offers brands and influencers high-quality, efficient, and secure content services. Because the “Search for KOL” function of Xiaohongshu Professional Accounts utilizes the Dandelion platform, it provides valuable resources to both users and brands. This enables brands to more precisely locate KOLs (Key Opinion Leaders) that align with their brand style, facilitating targeted collaborations and promotions in the future.

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4. Spotlight Advertising Platform

The “Spotlight Advertising Platform” feature of Xiaohongshu Professional Accounts is an advertising tool that provides users with a means to promote content, brands, or products to increase exposure and attract a larger target audience. Advertisers can utilize the platform’s precise targeting capabilities, selecting target audiences based on factors such as interests, geographic location, gender, age, and more. This helps ensure that advertisements are displayed to the most relevant audience, ultimately enhancing the effectiveness of the advertising campaign.

Source : 小红书聚光平台
  1. Priority Exposure for Comments

Furthermore, another important feature of Xiaohongshu’s Professional Accounts is that when the account leaves comments on content created by other users, those comments receive priority exposure. This means more people will see your account, increasing its visibility.

  1. Businesses with Professional Accounts Can Apply for a Free Business-Related Hashtag

Verified business Professional Accounts can apply for a business-related hashtag that is relevant to their industry for free. This hashtag helps gather user-generated content and fosters interaction with users, strengthening the relationship between the brand and consumers.

Professional Accounts vs. Personal Accounts – What Are the Differences in Types and Functions?

On Xiaohongshu , there are now two types of accounts: Professional Accounts and Personal Accounts. Professional Accounts encompass various categories, including: Businesses of different sizes or brand identities, such as coffee shops, fruit stores, beauty brands, clothing brands, etc.Individuals with professional qualifications, such as lawyers, doctors and teachers.

Interest-based identities, such as food bloggers, fitness enthusiasts, beauty bloggers, and more.

Both Professional and Personal Accounts require real-name verification. However, the introduction of Professional Accounts does not impact the rights of Personal Account holders. So, if you were a registered user before and do not wish to convert to a Professional Account, that’s perfectly fine.

Now, let’s take a look at the differences in functionality between Professional and Personal Accounts:

Before Establishing a Xiaohongshu Professional Account, Avoid These Pitfalls

Finally, let’s share some important things to keep in mind before creating a Xiaohongshu Professional Account!

  1. Once your account verification is successful, you won’t be able to change your account’s name or industry category. Therefore, it’s advisable for business owners to double-check the account name and industry for accuracy before submitting the application.
  1. Xiaohongshu account names cannot include words such as “brand,” “flagship,” “exclusive,” “collection,” “official,” “pop-up,” “direct sales,” “official certification,” “official authorization,” “franchise operation,” “franchise store,” “physical store,” and similar terms. Be cautious when choosing your Xiaohongshu account name.
  1. If you submit your application and documents within the specified timeframe, whether your application is successful or not, the 600 Chinese Yuan (approximately RM 380) fee you paid will not be refunded!

While Xiaohongshu Professional Accounts offer users more exposure opportunities, it’s essential for business owners to pay attention to these details before use to ensure smooth account operation and effective promotion. Worried about encountering issues during the application process? Feel free to contact cacaFly for the most professional marketing services.

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