Instagram’s Latest Update! Essential Information for Marketers, Analyzing the Four Newest Features on Instagram

Following the updates in November, Instagram has once again rolled out several significant changes. In addition to the previous introduction of virtual gifts and open subscription features in Instagram Reels, this update includes new features such as the ability to set posts for Closed Friends and share comments on Stories! Let’s explore together with cacaFly Malaysia to discover the latest functionalities introduced on Instagram!

“Guide” Feature Bids Farewell, Officially Discontinued on December 15th

Instagram introduced the “Guide” option for the first time in 2020. However, recent users have discovered that Instagram officially announced the discontinuation of the “Guide” feature starting December 15th this year. All guides on profiles will be converted into collections.

Source: Social Media Today

To enhance the user engagement of the Guide feature, Instagram had previously introduced an alternative display format. This allowed creators and brands to view image collections together with brief textual descriptions. Additionally, Guides could be shared through Stories. However, despite several attempts, Guide did not gain widespread usage. As a result, Instagram has decided to terminate the use of Guides.

To enhance the user engagement of those brands that previously utilized the Guide feature as a product catalog or for textual creators who published articles using Guide, it is advisable to back up the content. This precaution ensures that after the Guide feature is discontinued, the content won’t be archived, preventing fans or customers from missing out on the information.

Source: Meta

No Longer Exclusive to Stories! Now, Posts Can Also be Shared Exclusively with”Closed Friends”!

Now, in addition to selectively sharing Stories with Close Friends, the Closed Friend feature is also available for posts! Some users might have noticed this feature was already available in September, right? If you had access to this feature in September, congratulations, you’re one of Instagram’s chosen users. Recently, Instagram officially announced that all users can now add friends they want to share posts and Reels with to the “Closed Friends” list! The “Closed Friends” feature is no longer limited to Stories!

Source : Meta

In addition to Stories and posts on Instagram, Reels can now also be set to be visible only to close friends! Instagram CEO Adam Mosseri mentioned last year that stories and private messages shared by users on Instagram outnumber posts. This signifies that users are now placing greater emphasis on communicating information with friends and sharing more intimate content.

Source: Meta

No More Issues with Sharing Comments to Stories!

Another update is that Instagram now supports sharing comments from posts to Stories! When users leave a comment on a post, account owners can simply swipe left and choose to share those comments on their own Stories. The comments will be displayed in the form of stickers in the Story editor, allowing users to create a dedicated story in response to that particular comment.

Source : Meta

According to Instagram’s official statement, a single comment has the potential to inspire users or initiate interaction with followers. While this may seem like a small update, it provides brands and creators with a new way to engage with their audience.

New Creative Tools Added to Reels and Stories

1. Simplified Reels Creation Process

To make it easier for users to create Reels, Instagram has streamlined the interface, allowing users to adjust video size directly for functions such as zooming, cropping, and rotating.

Source : Meta

In addition to the updated interface and user-friendly features, Instagram has introduced 10 new English text-to-speech voices available for users in selected countries and regions. This feature supports hundreds of languages and six new text fonts and styles to enhance user creativity. Furthermore, to emphasize text even more, Instagram has added the “Add Font Outlines” feature, enhancing the clarity of the text.


When creating Reels, many users want to find suitable music for their video content. Now, users can directly click on the music charts or tap the top of the camera roll to quickly navigate to the music search page and discover the perfect music for their Reels. Additionally, Instagram has updated the “Drafts” feature, allowing users to name their Reels drafts for easier searching. Lastly, Instagram now can automatically remove the background from selected photos, enabling users to create personalized stickers.

Source : Meta

2. New Filters and Streamlined Reels Publishing Process

Introducing new photo filters! Users can now use these filters to edit both photos and Reels, while brands can make corresponding adjustments based on their company’s tones or styles to create the desired atmosphere. This adds a creative touch to the visual content and allows for a more personalized expression.

Source : Meta

Instagram has also streamlined the process of publishing Reels, making it easier for users to find the tools they need while editing. With improved preview, zoom, and search functions, users can effortlessly locate the desired content from their albums. This enhancement simplifies the editing experience, providing users with better accessibility to tools during the creative process.

Source : Meta
Source : Meta

3. Addition of”Replays” Data

Instagram is currently enhancing backend data to provide users with better insights into Reels’ performance. Facebook and Instagram have introduced a new metric called “Replays” for Reels and updated the definition of Reel Plays. Reel Plays now include not only the initial play count but also the number of replays. Therefore, users may notice an increase in the total Reel play count recently.

Furthermore, in the coming months, Instagram will launch a feature that allows creators to track in real-time how many people are watching their Reels through an interactive retention chart.

Source : Meta

In summary, Instagram’s recent updates not only enable users to share content more flexibly but also provide a variety of engaging creative tools. From discontinuing the “Guide” feature to enhancing the “Closed Friend” functionality, and introducing new creative tools for Reels and Stories, Instagram is consistently committed to improving user experience and creative possibilities. These changes offer users and brands more choices and opportunities, encouraging creators to express themselves in more innovative ways.

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