【2023 Year in Review | cacaFly Highlights】

As 2023 draws to a close, the world is gradually recovering from the shadows of the pandemic in the previous years. cacaFly Malaysia continues to promote digital marketing services with a positive attitude, collaborating with clients to successfully execute various projects. As we approach the end of the year, cacaFly would like to share with you:

【2023 Year in Review | cacaFly Achievements】

In 2023, we proudly became the official agency partners for these brands…

✔︎ Official Amazon Ads Partner

In 2023, cacaFly Malaysia achieved the milestone of becoming the first and only official advertising agency partner in Malaysia for Amazon! Amazon, being one of the world’s largest online retailers, has a user base spanning across Europe, America, Japan, Singapore, India, and more. In addition to the familiar Sponsored Ads seen on e-commerce platforms, Amazon also offers advanced “Amazon DSP Ads.” Unlike Sponsored Ads, DSP Ads allow non-Amazon sellers to deliver advertisements. Moreover, the exposure is not limited to e-commerce platforms alone but extends across the entire Amazon ecosystem, including IMDb, Twitch, Kindle, and more. This diversified exposure channel is highly advantageous for businesses aiming to expand internationally and enhance brand visibility.

As an official Amazon advertising partner, cacaFly Malaysia provides professional DSP advertising services to assist businesses in leveraging the various advantages of Amazon’s advertising platform. This not only presents an outstanding exposure opportunity but is also a crucial step for companies aiming to successfully enter international markets.

  • To learn more about Amazon Ads placements, audiences, real-life cases, etc., feel free to visit our Amazon Services page.
  • If you’re still unclear about the differences between Amazon e-commerce platform ads and Amazon DSP Ads, you can unlock insights into Amazon DSP Ads in an article that clarifies their advantages!

✔︎ Official infobip Partner

In the closing moments of this year, cacaFly Malaysia proudly became the official partner of infobip! Infobip is a leading brand in the omnichannel customer communication platform, solving business challenges through data and technology. The brands serviced by Infobip span various industries globally. The Infobip system optimizes consumer journeys through member segmentation, creating efficient marketing processes and supporting various channels such as voice calls, SMS, emails, and more. As a digital marketing consultant, cacaFly is committed to providing comprehensive digital marketing services, addressing the rise of first-party data. Effectively utilizing this data, gaining customer insights, and optimizing marketing processes are crucial issues in today’s market. As an official partner of infobip, cacaFly will leverage our expertise and resources in marketing and advertising. By utilizing Infobip’s omnichannel customer communication platform, we aim to maximize the benefits of data to help clients achieve more efficient communication, enhance customer experiences, and accelerate business growth.

✔︎ Professional Account Setup for Xiaohongshu

In 2023, cacaFly Malaysia expanded its services to include the setup of professional accounts on Xiaohongshu (Little Red Book). Xiaohongshu is a social media platform originating from China. Unlike most social media platforms that focus on social interactions, Xiaohongshu’s content emphasizes problem-solving and is often regarded as an encyclopedia of life. Consequently, it has gained significant popularity among many Chinese users in recent years.

A Xiaohongshu professional account represents a brand’s professional image. Not only does it foster consumer trust, but having a professional account also unlocks various features such as giveaways, trending topics, and access to the dandelion and spotlight platforms. These features enhance the account’s exposure and opportunities, contributing to a higher level of engagement with the audience.

In 2023, we received invitations from various sectors to engage in professional exchanges…

✔︎  ︎Visiting HUAWEI Office to Explore Collaboration Opportunities

In 2022, cacaFly officially became an advertising agency for HUAWEI. Since the inception of our partnership, we have been invited to attend prominent events such as HUAWEI Developer Day and the HUAWEI Ads Summit multiple times. In early February 2023, the cacaFly team took a physical visit to the HUAWEI Malaysia office, engaging in enthusiastic discussions about collaboration plans and further deepening our agency partnership!

✔︎ Invited to Attend HUAWEI Petal Ads Summit, Gaining the Latest Insights and Market Solutions!

The collaboration between HUAWEI and cacaFly remains strong and dynamic! On March 16, this year, cacaFly was once again invited to participate in the Petal Ads Summit, where digital advertising elites gathered. The summit proved to be another fruitful experience for cacaFly! Through our close collaboration with HUAWEI, we gained comprehensive insights into the evolving dynamics of the mobile device market, staying updated on industry trends in real time. This ongoing exploration of new technologies and trends allows us to offer our business and brand clients the most professional marketing services.

✔︎ Attending the OHSEM Marketing 360 Event

Additionally, cacaFly also participated in the OHSEM Marketing 360 event this year. OHSEM Marketing 360 is a significant digital marketing event in Malaysia, featuring 25+ industry experts and over 40 participating companies. The event covers a diverse range of topics, spanning from Google Ads, TikTok, and E-Commerce, to the latest trending technologies like Martech and AI. It provides a platform for SMEs and various enterprises to engage in discussions and exchange ideas within the dynamic landscape of digital marketing.

✔︎ Invited to Attend Infobip Partners Day

cacaFly was honored to be invited to participate in Infobip Partners Day, gathering Martech experts in Malaysia to discuss how to create efficient marketing processes by observing user experiences. In this data-driven era, integrating data from multiple platforms and effectively retaining customers are undoubtedly the most crucial challenges of today! As a partner of Infobip, cacaFly Malaysia will continue to delve into the Martech field, bringing Infobip’s customer interaction solutions into the Malaysian market. We are committed to providing local expertise in system implementation and support to further enhance the effectiveness of customer engagement.

✔︎ Participating in Ramadan with TikTok 2024, Decoding Short Video Trends to Seize Market Opportunities!

On November 8, cacaFly Malaysia attended Ramadan with TikTok 2024 in Malaysia. During the event, TikTok not only reviewed the relevant data from Ramadan 2023 on the platform but also invited two outstanding companies, Spritzer and Zucca, which performed exceptionally well during Ramadan 2023, to share their experiences. They provided creative insights and suggestions for the upcoming Ramadan in 2024 to all attendees. cacaFly Malaysia is well-prepared and ready to assist various brands in seizing opportunities during Ramadan 2024!

In 2023, we continued to organize free live broadcasts and courses to disseminate digital marketing concepts…

✔︎︎ ︎ Hosted 2 Martech Free Webinars with Over a Hundred Participants

Martech (Marketing Technology) is a prevailing trend in today’s marketing landscape, providing advanced data analysis tools that enable marketers to gain deeper insights into customer behavior, trends, and preferences. It also helps enhance predictive accuracy and optimize marketing strategies. The webinar invited TenMax, an advertising and marketing technology company from Taiwan with extensive expertise in data processing and applications. The session covered topics ranging from dissecting fragmented consumer experiences to integrating data using free tools and concluded with real-life case studies, demonstrating how Martech can help brands improve conversion rates.

We appreciate the enthusiastic participation of over a hundred individuals in this Martech webinar, making the event a success. cacaFly Malaysia is committed to continually sharing knowledge in marketing technology. In the coming year, we plan to host an Infobip Marketing Automation webinar to assist brands in achieving higher efficiency through more effective methods. If you’re interested in leveraging technology to create higher value for your brand, stay tuned to the cacaFly Malaysia fan page for the latest webinar updates or contact us at [email protected] to share your needs!

✔︎ Hosted 2 Amazon Ads Free Webinars, Assisting Brands in Boosting International Presence

Our 2 Amazon Ads webinars provided brands with new methods to enhance their international presence and expand their business horizons! With its vast overseas market, Amazon effectively helps businesses reach desired high-quality audiences by collecting extensive user data. Additionally, leveraging Amazon DSP allows brands, even those not selling directly on Amazon, to take advantage of the platform and increase brand visibility!

  • Is your brand also looking to expand its international presence? Join our webinar on expanding overseas to review the latest strategies.

✔︎ Hosted 1 Petal Ads Free Webinar, Offering New Advertising Traffic

cacaFly hosted a Petal Ads webinar, aiming to help brands become advertising superstars in the marketing landscape. The webinar provided insights into the marketing advantages, placements, and applications of various formats on HUAWEI Petal Ads. It also covered how to integrate Petal Ads with other media channels for a comprehensive marketing strategy, assisting businesses in acquiring new traffic.

  • Did you miss the live session? Click the link to unlock new advertising traffic.

✔︎ Hosted 2 GA4 Courses, Leveraging Data to Solve Business Challenges

In 2023, cacaFly hosted a GA4 course on Facebook, assisting marketers in understanding how to analyze websites, optimize shopping processes, and increase conversion rates through GA4. Additionally, the course guided brands or users managing media websites on understanding popular topics through GA4 and optimizing to increase reader engagement. Brands interested in GA3 backup, GA4 import, and application are welcome to contact cacaFly Malaysia for further consultation.

Looking back on 2023, cacaFly Malaysia has consistently broken through, frequently invited to showcase marketing expertise, achieving fruitful results, and earning widespread recognition. In the coming year, we will continue to collaborate closely with our clients, maintaining an enthusiastic attitude, and delivering professional and high-quality services!

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