A Must-Read for Marketers! TikTok Trend Review,What’s Next 2024 Trend Report, 5 Keys to Successful TikTok Creator Ads!

As we bid farewell to the year 2023, TikTok officially released the trend review for the year and trend predictions for 2024. Additionally, Creator IQ introduced the TikTok Advertising Guide. Today, cacaFly Malaysia is here to help everyone consolidate the key points, enabling marketers to proactively strategize their marketing layout and achieve sales performance in 2024.

2023 TikTok Annual Trends Review: Have You Seen These?

TikTok’s recently published annual trend report has garnered widespread attention. The report highlights the most popular videos throughout the year, particularly among U.S. users in 2023. Below, we’ve compiled key points from the report to assist everyone in understanding the essential insights:

  1. The global”ForYourFaves” popular rankings.
Source : TikTok

From the report, it can be observed that popular videos include elements such as DIY (Do It Yourself), beauty and makeup, as well as food ASMR (Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response). It is recommended that brands looking to promote themselves on TikTok consider incorporating these elements into their advertising content.

The global top 10 video rankings are as follows:

  1. @dollievision: Makeup process
  2. @justinflom: DIY expert
  3. @through.the.lleaves: Giant cat
  4. @selenagomez: Celebrity GRWM (Get Ready with Me) + in-flight vlog
  5. @chrishoffish: Singing in the parking lot
  6. @thezachchoi: Food preparation ASMR
  7. @kaaaathhhhy: Dog videos
  8. @kristy.sarah: Onion-cutting without tears technique
  9. @tubbynuget: Heartwarming cartoons
  10. @bwpottery: Handmade pottery mishaps
  1. Music Trend
Source : TikTok

Apart from videos, music is an indispensable element of TikTok. Therefore, this report delves deeply into the key music trends on TikTok, recognizing the crucial role that music plays in the platform’s dissemination. Additionally, TikTok has recently introduced new music series display options for artists, along with artist verification on individual profiles, underscoring the platform’s growing emphasis on the music domain.

Here are the top 10 global music rankings for 2023:

  1. 〈Cupid – Twin Ver. – Sped Up Version〉- FIFTY FIFTY
  2. 〈If We Ever Broke Up〉- Mae Stephens
  3. 〈Collide (more sped up)〉 – Justine Skye
  4. 〈What It Is – Solo Version〉 – Doechii
  5. 〈มองนานๆ〉- FLI:P
  6. 〈La Bebe (Remix)〉 – Yng Lvcas & Peso Pluma
  7. 〈LALA〉- Myke Towers
  8. 〈girls like me don’t cry (sped up)〉- thuy
  9. 〈TQG〉- KAROL G & Shakira
  10. 〈Makeba〉- Jain
  1. Educational Content
Source : TikTok

In addition to entertaining videos, TikTok is currently actively sharing more educational content. The TikTok official team states that they are not just an entertainment platform; they aim to position TikTok as a platform for education. This reflects the continuous evolution of social media in response to users’ changing demands, seeking content that is more in-depth and practical.

Here is the ranking of popular educational videos for U.S. users:

  1. @mrbeandamatematica:Instruct everyone on how to simplify division.
  2. @james.bok : Sharing tips on cutting watermelon.
  3. @rijksmuseum: Presenting Johannes Vermeer’s 17th-century masterpiece “The Milkmaid” and analyzing the work from an artist’s perspective.
  4. @patriciafedz: Spanish creator Patricia Fernández brings a fusion of popular culture, history, and literature.
  5. @jack.designs: UK-based Jack Callaghan shares practical #CleanTok tips.

Original link:Year on TikTok 2023: Scroll back with our community

TikTok 2024 : Explore the Top 3 Trends!

In addition to summarizing the popular videos of 2023, TikTok officials have compiled trends for 2024 to help marketers plan their strategies early. The trend signals for 2024 are mainly divided into three categories: Exploding User Curiosity, Disrupting Traditional Storytelling Structures, and Building Trust Between Brands and Consumers.

Trend One: Curiosity Peaked

The first trend for 2024 is “Curiosity Peaked.” According to the TikTok report, users believe that TikTok has 1.8 times more videos with novel themes compared to traditional media. From this data, it is evident that users on TikTok enjoy pursuing fresh and interesting content. If brands want to stimulate user curiosity, they can showcase unique content and stories on TikTok to attract user interest.。

Users on TikTok are not just seeking a single “correct answer” but are looking to discover new perspectives, explore unknown areas, and take action in real life through content. Therefore, brands can engage users by sparking curiosity on TikTok.

Trend Two: Storytelling Unhinged

The second point is “Storytelling Unhinged.” The reduction in the difficulty and barriers to content creation has led to an infinite diversity and richness of content on TikTok. Data indicates that videos with interesting and novel structures can increase the duration of user viewing by 1.4 times. TikTok officials also suggest that marketers prioritize a natural feel when creating ads. Ads on TikTok are not like TV shows and do not need to be scripted like television movies. On TikTok, the ending of a story might come before the beginning, multiple storylines might unfold simultaneously, and users within the community can even create fictional celebrities and storylines. This innovative storytelling approach engages users more deeply in the narrative, establishing a more profound community connection.

Trend Three: Bridging the Trust Gap

The final point is “Bridging the Trust Gap.” In today’s social media environment, technological advancements and the prevalence of scams have led to a decrease in consumer trust in brands.

Therefore, we recommend that brands establish a connection with consumers when presenting their work on TikTok. For example, using sincere and entertaining approaches to introduce products, conducting “personal tests” or showcasing personal use experiences, and framing product descriptions with a perspective that relates to consumers can attract user curiosity, interest, and resonance. This way, brands can build a sense of trust, a strong presence, and a positive image among consumers within the TikTok community.

Original link: TikTok What’s Next 2024 Trend Report

TikTok Advertising Guide: Have You Covered These 5 Key Points?

In addition to reviewing the trends of 2023 and the trends expected in 2024, TikTok officially collaborated with Creator IQ to launch TikTok’s advertising guide, highlighting the 5 key factors for successful advertising on TikTok: 

  1. Capture Attention from the Start

On TikTok, audience attention is often very brief, making it crucial to quickly capture their attention in advertisements. According to reports, TikTok’s research indicates that 90% of ad memory impact and 80% of cognitive impact occur within the first six seconds of the ad. Therefore, it is recommended that brands achieve this by incorporating captivating opening scenes, interesting visual effects, or compelling sounds that grab the audience’s attention. Additionally, the research also suggests that featuring characters or creators in the first two seconds of the ad can increase its attractiveness by 50% and enhance ad awareness by 32%.

Source : TikTok
  1. Interaction Between Creators and Consumers

Over three-quarters of TikTok users express that creators on the platform are approachable, and they feel a connection with them. Therefore, if brands or creators aim to strengthen relationships with the audience, here are the three key points proposed in the TikTok report:

a. Creators speak to the audience at the beginning of the video.

b. Creators show their faces.

c. Creators use original sound.

Research indicates that in advertising, creators greeting the audience at the beginning of the video can increase brand recall by 112%. Additionally, addressing the audience directly in the second person in content can enhance the sense of closeness and increase purchase intent by 128%. These research findings demonstrate that establishing a direct connection between creators and the audience can significantly enhance the effectiveness and impact of advertisements.

Source : TikTok
  1. Showcasing Products through Real Testing Grabs Attention

Demonstrating the actual use of products is crucial for advertising on TikTok. According to TikTok’s research, TikTok creators are more influential than traditional celebrity endorsements, with 60% of people stating that they find TikTok creators more appealing when introducing products compared to celebrities.

For example, unboxing videos and showcasing the practical use of a product in an advertisement allow the audience to visually understand the features and advantages, thereby increasing trust and interest in the product. This, in turn, enhances brand recall and purchase intent.Therefore, in TikTok advertising strategies, showcasing the real use of products plays a pivotal role, helping brands establish better connections with their target audience and improving the effectiveness and impact of advertisements.

Source : TikTok
  1. Utilize High-Impact Creative Elements

It is recommended to incorporate high-impact creative elements, such as using text, rhythm, and other creative elements, to enhance the attractiveness and memorability of advertisements. Additionally, data shows that the use of text in ads increases the likelihood of attracting viewers by 1.4 times, and ads with subtitles increase consumer preference by 31% and brand affinity by 95%.

Moreover, ads with a strong sense of rhythm are more likely to resonate with and be remembered by the audience. Research indicates that the use of music in creator ads can increase brand recall by 61% and purchase intent by 177%. This underscores the significance of music in advertising!

By leveraging these creative elements, brands can elevate the appeal, brand recall, and purchase intent of their advertisements, thereby achieving a more effective advertising marketing strategy.

Source : TikTok
  1. End with a Clear CTA(Call to Action)

Finally, the report emphasizes the importance of a clear Call to Action (CTA). In creator ads, the CTA is a key factor in transitioning viewers from passive observers to actively engaged users. Research indicates that creators using a strong and compelling CTA in ads can increase consumer purchase intent by 205%. Therefore, it is advisable to include a CTA at the end of the ad to enhance conversion rates.

Source : TikTok

Original link: 5 Keys to Successful TikTok Creator Ads 

The year 2023 is coming to an end. Over the past year, we’ve witnessed incredibly engaging videos. Now, as we enter a time full of challenges and opportunities, understanding TikTok, staying in tune with trends, and mastering creativity are the major keys to successful marketing in 2024!

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