【7 Digital Marketing Trends in 2024 You Should Know】

As marketers, we can deeply feel the constant changes in the digital marketing field every day. For instance, the rapid rise of Artificial Intelligence (AI) in 2023 is a typical example, and this phenomenon is expected to continue evolving in 2024. In addition to the advancements in AI technology, user preferences also constantly change with the times and trends. Despite the fast-paced nature of the digital marketing field, it is precisely this dynamic nature that makes it intriguing! Moving forward, let’s follow the footsteps of cacaFly Malaysia and delve into the three major aspects of strategy, tools, and content. Let’s explore the future of digital marketing and uncover the trends for this year!

AI Tools Will Continue to Impact Digital Marketing Strategies

With the rapid development of technology, Artificial Intelligence (AI) has become a key tool in the field of digital marketing, continually evolving and introducing new features. Taking Meta’s “Efficiency Automation Advertising Suite” feature launched for advertising delivery systems in 2022 as an example, this functionality utilizes machine learning to automatically optimize ad settings, achieving better conversion benefits with lower costs. In September 2023, it can be applied to all ad objectives and optimization goals.

The development of AI not only shortens work time for businesses but also enhances work efficiency through machine learning, avoiding unnecessary expenses and achieving precise marketing. The core goal of precise marketing is cost control, and the key is to allocate the budget strategically. This involves gaining a deep understanding of customer preferences and aligning marketing efforts accordingly to increase the likelihood of conversions. In fact, today’s technology allows for predicting customer preferences through AI model training and crafting personalized marketing approaches. For instance, Infobip’s system enables marketers to effortlessly send customized messages through various channels, proactively providing more attentive services and making it easier to capture consumers’ hearts. Therefore, in 2024, we can anticipate a more widespread application of AI in digital marketing, bringing about increased innovation and benefits!

If you are interested in AI tools but unsure where to start, whether in marketing strategies or advertising deployment, reach out to cacaFly Malaysia. Let’s embrace technology as a driving force for marketing together!

TikTok is set to become even more popular

Since its launch in 2016, TikTok has become renowned for its short video format, not only capturing the hearts of a vast young audience but also attracting brands for sales and brand exposure in recent years. As of 2023, TikTok boasts a global user base of 1.1 billion. Statista data reveals that Malaysia contributes significantly, with 14 million users, accounting for 42% of the total population, and an estimated increase to 21 million by 2027. TikTok’s increasing popularity can be attributed in part to its innovative short video format, providing users with a relaxed, entertaining, and creative way to share content. For brands, TikTok’s unique advertising formats have successfully cultivated deeper emotional connections with their target audiences.

In an era where the prevalence of emotionless content generated by artificial intelligence is growing, TikTok stands out by emphasizing authenticity and humanization. This has propelled TikTok’s rapid growth and prominence among numerous social media platforms. With more users joining and sharing their stories on this platform, it is foreseeable that in 2024, TikTok will continue to lead the trend in social media and become an indispensable platform for brand promotion.

SEO Takes the Lead Over Hashtags in Social Media

As social media becomes deeply ingrained in our daily lives, In contrast to the past, when most people preferred using Google, social media is gradually becoming the primary means for young individuals to access information. According to Google’s research, 40% of young individuals no longer use Google Maps or search when looking for lunch spots; instead, they turn to platforms like TikTok or Instagram. This significant shift underscores the importance of keywords in social media. In the realm of social media, SEO keywords are proving to be more impactful than hashtags, standing out amidst the vast data on social platforms.

According to the Socialinsider report, posts are not featured in the “For You” section solely based on hashtags. Instead, it is keywords that are accurate and highly relevant that have the opportunity to be recommended by the platform, enhancing visibility.. Therefore, in this digital age, understanding and adeptly utilizing these keywords in posts will assist brands in being more easily discovered by their target audience in the fiercely competitive landscape of social media.

Sharing of Social Performance Metrics is More Important

Whether it’s creators or brand personnel utilizing social media, the goal is to expand their influence. However, with the The advancement of technology, many likes, comments, and followers can be acquired through monetary means. Consequently, “sharing” has gradually become a more valued and authentic performance metric. Both Instagram and TikTok have recognized its importance, leading to changes in their media interfaces. Now, the “sharing” data, once accessible only in the backend for professional accounts, can be directly viewed on the frontend. Beyond ensuring the authenticity of performance metrics, marketers can also encourage followers to share content, significantly increasing brand exposure.

The prevailing core concept of putting “people” at the center is widely embraced in today’s society, applied extensively in both marketing strategies and social media management. People no longer pursue only immediate results; short-term thinking can only yield short-term benefits. Developing and maintaining long-term customer value is a major challenge for brand success. Therefore, cacaFly Malaysia offers some suggestions for the design of marketing and social media content:

Emphasize listening to narrow the gap between the brand and fans

This strategy allows brands to gain a deep understanding of customer emotions, holding significant value in formulating marketing strategies. Marketers can leverage social media features such as “polls” and “Q&A” to invite fans to participate in immediate brand-related questions or decisions, making fans feel that their voices are heard by the brand. Another approach is “Add yours,” encouraging fans to participate through sticker comments. When a brand initiates a themed sticker post, other fans can join the sharing queue by uploading photos that align with the theme. This not only amplifies brand visibility but also provides insights into fan preferences.

Capturing Fan Attention through Storytelling

Storytelling is not just a communication tool but a crucial method for establishing emotional connections and reinforcing brand image. Engaging stories not only captivate the audience but also evoke resonance. In fact, many Key Opinion Leaders (KOLs) now create sponsored videos in a storytelling format, reducing fan aversion to advertisements. Similarly, brands can package advertisements as stories or use live streams, challenges, and other methods to actively invite consumers to co-create stories, allowing the narrative to break free from traditional frameworks.

Creating a Closed Loop of Re-Marketing with Personalized Advertising

In today’s competitive digital market, advertisements are omnipresent, leading many individuals to develop a dislike for ads and subsequently ignore them. As a result, generic advertising content is relatively ineffective. On the contrary, personalized advertising is a current trend. Ad content can be tailored to specific target audiences based on customer needs, interests, and purchase history, making it even more relevant. Therefore, even for the same promotional content, marketers can contemplate different approaches for various target audiences, using distinct messaging and visual elements to tailor materials for different target audiences. The aim is not only to capture the attention of new customers but also to incentivize previous customers to make repeat purchases, thereby strengthening customer loyalty.

In summary, for marketers, 2024 promises to be an exciting and challenging year. The continuous development of artificial intelligence is a significant focus this year, presenting both challenges and opportunities for marketers. Keeping abreast of trends is essential to amplify one’s advantages. Let cacaFly Malaysia continue to accompany you throughout this year – Win With Our Wings!

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