Mastering Website Data For Outstanding Advertising Results

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Traffic can bring revenue to you!
However, facing the constantly rising costs of traffic has become an undeniable challenge for various brands. In the face of such challenges, do you think the only solution is to continually increase advertising budgets? No!
cacaFly Malaysia sincerely invites those of you facing similar challenges to join our “ 1-Hour Workshop: Mastering Website Data for Outstanding Advertising Results!” Through the powerful Google Analytics 4(GA4) AI website analysis tool, we will teach you how to maximize business effectiveness with your existing budget
Perhaps you might be wondering, ‘I already have dashboard data for my e-commerce platform, so why do I need GA4 to analyze my website?’ That’s because typical e-commerce dashboard data only presents revenue figures and cannot provide detailed tracking of consumer behavior on the website. Consequently, it’s challenging to effectively identify which traffic sources lead to conversions. GA4, however, addresses this limitation by helping you gain a comprehensive understanding of user behavior, enabling the optimization of advertising effectiveness
Webinar Information
  • Date| 14 Mar (Thu) 
  • Time | 3-4PM (Mandarin)
  • Platform | Microsoft Teams (Online)

David Lin
Head of Performance Marketing
With over 9 years of experience in digital marketing, David specializes in assisting companies with data analysis, strategic planning, and media placement. Through the integration of online and offline consumer behavior via OMO, he has contributed to a growth of over 40% in online performance for the fashion industry. Additionally, he has aided the finance industry in leveraging GA4 to analyze consumer journeys, resulting in a 35% reduction in lead costs. His clients span well-known domestic and international electronics brands, global beauty e-commerce, the top five financial companies in Taiwan, as well as industries such as fashion and real estate. In addition to serving as a GA4 consultant for over a hundred companies and possessing extensive industry practical experience, David has also worked as an instructor for Google’s digital program. His teaching experience, with an accumulated number of nearly a thousand students, has been highly recognized by both enterprises and official entities for its professionalism

About Us

cacaFly Malaysia was founded in year 2016 with fully support from HQ Taiwan.
We are a team comprised of enthusiastic marketing experts, specializing at devising all-rounded marketing strategies and media planning that stretches from preliminary research, running ads campaign and advertising material production, to post-campaign data analysis and strategy optimization.

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