Instagram Functionality Further Optimized! One Major Update Increases Your Reach

Have you ever tried Instagram Collaboration posts yet? 
The function of Inviting collaborator is different from tagging friends. It allows posts or Reels appear on the original author’s account as well as the collaborator’s account. It’s a great way to increase reach and promote engagement rate! and now Instagram has further optimized the collaborator function! You can now add up to “THREE” collaborators! 

HUAWEI 也能放广告?3 重点,帶你搞懂华为 Petal Ads

想用更低的每次点击成本为网站带入大量、高品质的 traffic 吗?华为旗下的 HUAWEI Petal Ads 是你的绝佳选择,为你开拓崭新流量可能!cacaFly 作为 HUAWEI Petal Ads 官方合作代理商,这篇文章将用 3 点向你介绍华为广告优势!

Instagram 推出前台 Boost Reels 广告功能,短影音商机发烧中!

近期 Instagram 官方宣布新增 Reels 在前台 “加强推广“ 的广告功能,让过去只能自主扩散的 Reels,现在通过前台 “加强推广“ Reels 功能,免去品牌需要从后台重新制作广告素材的困扰。想暸解 Boost Reels 功能、以及如何协助品牌经营吗?一起跟着看下去吧!