【Digital Marketing for Mother’s Day】Part 2: Target Audience + Marketing Activities + Materials, All Prepared for You

May is coming. Have you prepared your marketing plan for Mother’s Day? In the previous article, we introduced the shopping opportunities, hot-selling products, and marketing schedules for Mother’s Day. Today, we have another informative article for you. Let’s learn together:

  1. Who shops for Mother’s Day? 4 consumer groups that brands need to focus on
  2. How to sell Mother’s Day products? 4 recommended marketing campaigns
  3. How to create marketing materials? 2 simple suggestions
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Know your Mother’s Day audience and precisely target your customers

Who shops for Mother’s Day, and what are their considerations? Here, we have sorted out the four main consumer groups for Mother’s Day, helping marketers target more accurately based on their industries and offer suitable products and marketing activities for different consumers.

  1. The first group: Young people who buy gifts for their mothers

The first group is the most easily considered audience for brand marketing: young people and the petite bourgeoisie aged 18-29. Many young people will take their mothers to eat, celebrate Mother’s Day, or buy beauty/health/home appliances as small gifts. Therefore, the abovementioned industries are suitable for launching mid-priced products to attract this audience. In addition, due to the recent control of the epidemic, many in this age group are newcomers to society with the insufficient economic ability to pay for their parents’ overseas travel expenses. Therefore, Staycation is a good choice, and accommodation providers can also seize this trend.

  1. The second group: Novice fathers who buy gifts for their wives

The second group is novice parents who have just married and had a baby. At this stage, the child is just a baby and cannot give gifts to his mother. Therefore, the responsibility to celebrate  for the mom falls on the father. New mothers may have just given birth and have no time to rest during this period. Therefore, products and services that can help reduce the burden on mothers, such as spas, massage, skincare, or vacuum cleaners, are very suitable for this group.

  1. The third group: Middle-aged and elderly consumers who buy gifts for their aging mothers

The third group is the children of elderly parents. This age group of children has been living in society for some time, and their economic ability is relatively strong compared to the first two groups. Therefore, it is recommended to launch travel, health products, health equipment, or higher-priced products for this group.

  1. The fourth group: Women who reward and pamper themselves

The last group is mothers themselves. Many mothers will buy a high-priced gift to comfort themselves after a year of hard work on Mother’s Day. Therefore, it is recommended to launch maintenance products, beauty products, bags and accessories, and clothing for this audience.

How to Sell Mother’s Day Products Well? 4 Recommended Marketing Activities

According to popular keywords from the I-Buzz Asia Malaysia online shopping festival, Malaysians value the promotions and discount activities offered during such events. That’s why Shopee and Lazada release a large number of coupons, such as “Free Shipping for Orders Over 15 MYR”, “10% Token Cashback”, and “Discount for Orders Over a Certain Amount,” to attract customers during major holidays. Therefore, it is recommended for brand merchants to also launch relevant promotions during Mother’s Day, such as:

  • Buy one, get one free: When inventory is sufficient, businesses can use this type of promotion. For example, customers can get a free product of the same price for every 200 MYR spent. This activity is suitable for attracting new customers for their first purchase.
  • Multi-item discounts/Threshold discounts: If you want to increase the average spending per customer and encourage everyone to buy more products, you can use this type of promotion. For example, for Mother’s Day unique products, customers can get a half-price discount for the second item, which attracts consumers to buy more. Or, if a customer spends 100 MYR or more on a single order, they can enjoy a 20% or 40% discount.
  • Point accumulation: This activity suits consumer accumulation if the brand has a membership system or loyalty program. For example, customers can get a certain number of points for free when they purchase products worth 100 MYR, which increases their willingness to repurchase.
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Advertising is essential! Hashtags and creative advertising are indispensable.

After identifying your target audience and planning your marketing campaign, you need compelling marketing copy and visual presentation to achieve the best results for your promotion and advertisement! Below are some suggestions for Mother’s Day marketing materials for both composition and visuals:

  1. Copy suggestion: Add Mother’s Day-related hashtags to reach more users.

Stores can use social media to publish content related to mothers the week before Mother’s Day and use appropriate hashtags to increase the visibility of their content and attract consumer attention. Additionally, stores can encourage consumers to participate in activities to increase brand awareness and engagement.

Mother’s Day-related hashtags: #MothersDay or #MomLife.

Furthermore, according to Google Trends keyword search volume, comparing the three keywords “母亲节,” “Happy Mother’s Day,” and “Selamat Hari Ibu,” the English version of Mother’s Day has the highest search volume based on the average data from the past three years. Therefore, stores should also prioritize using English content when creating Mother’s Day copy or design.

Source : Google Trend
  1. Visual suggestion: Pink color schemes and creative advertising forms are eye-catching.

For the visual presentation, it is suggested to use warm pink and red colors paired with some flowers and hearts as embellishments. In addition, stores can create novel and exciting interactive and creative advertisements, such as scratch card advertisements that can scratch out ads or interactive 3D cards with tearing effects to increase user engagement and experience. Finally, it is recommended that stores create a Mother’s Day-specific landing page to allow users to smoothly enter the Mother’s Day area to complete their purchases.

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Examples of Tear-Off Tab Advertisements

After reading the above analysis, everyone understands Mother’s Day is an excellent opportunity to promote brands and increase social media engagement. You can attract more users by creating creative advertisements, using brand promotions, understanding trends and data, and using different social media platforms!


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