Instagram Functionality Further Optimized! One Major Update Increases Your Reach

Have you ever tried Instagram Collaboration posts yet? 

The function of Inviting collaborator is different from tagging friends. It allows posts or Reels appear on the original author’s account as well as the collaborator’s account. It’s a great way to increase reach and promote engagement rate!

In the past, you could only invite one collaborator, when your brand organizes an event and invites multiple influencers to participate, you might feel difficult to decide which influencer to invite as a collaborator for your posts, right?

Guess what?

Good news! Now you don’t have to worry anymore. Instagram has further optimized the collaborator function! You can now add up to “THREE” collaborators! Keep reading! let cacaFly teach you how to operate it and reach a wider audience with your posts.

  1. Start to create a post or reels
  2. Finish editing, tap “Next”
  3. Tap “Tag people” you will see “Invite collaborators”, then choose people who you want to invite (up to 3 people)
  1. Once you post it, Instagram will send the collaborators invitation to people who you just chosen
  2. After collaborators accept the invitation, their name will appear on the post and it will be shared with their audience.

Update your Instagram, and give it a try!

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