[Malaysia TikTok 2023 Media Guide Report] A Comprehensive Look at Malaysian Users, Audience Demographics, and Popular Viewing Times!

In this digital era, social media platforms have become an essential part of brands and marketers. In Malaysia, TikTok as an emerging social media platform, is rapidly gaining prominence. So, how can we leverage the unique characteristics of TikTok in Malaysia to formulate marketing strategies? This series of articles will be divided into two parts, providing a comprehensive analysis of TikTok insights for the second quarter of 2023. Join cacaFly Malaysia to explore three key insights:

Insight 1: Over 20 million TikTok users in Malaysia

Insight 2: The majority of users are in the 25 – 34 age group, with a slightly higher proportion of males

Insight 3: Daily TikTok viewing time averages 100 minutes, and here are the popular viewing times for TikTok videos!

Insight 1: Over 20 million TikTok users in Malaysia

As an emerging social media platform, TikTok has been experiencing a significant increase in both user base and engagement in Malaysia. According to the data from TikTok’s 2023 Q2 report, the platform has surpassed 20 million users in Malaysia, with the majority being young individuals. These users are also spending an increasing amount of time on the platform, averaging over 100 minutes per day.

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This trend provides an excellent opportunity for brands and marketers to attract young users and creators and develop targeted marketing strategies for this audience. In this digital age, social media platforms have become an indispensable part of brands and marketers. As a global social media platform, TikTok’s rise in Malaysia brings both opportunities and challenges for brands and marketers.

Furthermore, the report also highlights that 73% of TikTok users state that they have established a deeper connection with brands on TikTok compared to other websites and apps. This indicates that TikTok users are willing to engage with brands and are more receptive to their presence.

Insight 2: The majority of users are in the 25-34 age group, with a slightly higher proportion of males

Are you considering advertising on TikTok but unsure about targeting the right audience? Or perhaps you’re unsure which regions are your target areas? Let’s dive into the main age groups, gender proportions, popular usage regions, and devices used by TikTok users. Keep reading for more details!

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  1. Distribution of User Gender and Age Group

TikTok has a large and highly active user base in Malaysia, with the majority of users being young individuals. According to the latest data from TikTok, the male-to-female ratio among TikTok users in Malaysia slightly favors males, with males accounting for 56% of the total user base, while females make up 44%. Therefore, industries that have a higher male audience, such as automotive, real estate, and modeling, can consider advertising on TikTok!

Moreover, TikTok’s user age distribution in Malaysia is quite diverse. The largest user group consists of young individuals aged 25 to 34, who are already in the workforce and possess a certain level of purchasing power, accounting for 36% of the total user base. The next largest group is users aged 18 to 24, making up 34% of the total users. These figures indicate that TikTok’s user base in Malaysia skews towards a younger demographic. Therefore, it is recommended for brands and marketers to leverage TikTok’s advertising platform and develop relevant marketing strategies to attract young users.

  1. Popular Regions and Device Usage

In addition, TikTok has gained significant popularity and user engagement in certain states in Malaysia, such as Selangor and Johor. These regions have a high number of active users. Among them, Selangor has the highest number of users, accounting for 54.25% of the user base, which is nearly half of the total. Johor also has a considerable number of users, accounting for 10.16%. Therefore, it is recommended for businesses to consider advertising in these popular regions to attract a larger user base.

Apart from popular regions, the report also highlights the device usage of TikTok users in Malaysia. Approximately 78% of users prefer Android devices, while 22% of users opt for iOS devices.

Insight 3: Daily TikTok viewing time averages 100 minutes, and here are the popular viewing times for TikTok videos!

The final insight revolves around the average usage time, user characteristics, and behavioral activity of Malaysian users on TikTok. Let’s dive into the details together.

  1. Daily Usage Time

According to Insight 1, the average daily usage time of TikTok in Malaysia is 100 minutes, surpassing the average daily usage time of other social media apps. Consequently, TikTok takes the top spot in terms of daily usage time among social media platforms in Malaysia. Therefore, businesses may consider allocating a portion of their advertising budget to TikTok.

source:data-TikTok, image-cacaFly

  1. TikTok Creator Ecosystem

The report highlights that the number of creators on TikTok in Malaysia witnessed a growth of 67% from April 2022 to April 2023, reaching 880,000 monthly active creators. This indicates an increasing number of individuals becoming creators on TikTok, and the creator ecosystem of TikTok in Malaysia is continually developing and expanding. Therefore, brands can consider whether their products align with the styles of TikTok creators.  If there is a style match, collaborating with creators can lead to higher effectiveness and benefits.

  1. Behavioral Characteristics

TikTok users in Malaysia are highly active on the platform, frequently engaging, commenting, and sharing videos. This reflects the high level of engagement on TikTok in Malaysia. According to TikTok’s analytics data, Malaysian users use TikTok throughout different periods of the day, particularly during their leisure time. For instance, users tend to use TikTok after waking up in the morning, during lunchtime, after work hours, and before going to bed. This indicates that brands and marketers can consider advertising during these periods to attract more users.

  1. User Engagement

Next, let’s talk about user engagement. According to internal data from TikTok, users in Malaysia exhibit a high level of interaction on the platform, averaging 15 interactions per user per day. This indicates that TikTok users in Malaysia have a strong preference for engaging with content on the platform, highlighting the high level of activity on TikTok in Malaysia.

Additionally, Malaysian TikTok users frequently engage in commenting and sharing videos on the platform. According to TikTok’s analytics data, Malaysian users have a high comment and share rate, with 49% of users indicating that they like and leave comments on TikTok videos. Furthermore, 40% of users express their tendency to share TikTok videos with their friends.

These data collectively demonstrate that TikTok users in Malaysia have a strong inclination to interaction, comment, and share videos on the platform, providing brands and marketers with ample opportunities to attract users.

source:data-TikTok, image-cacaFly

Lastly, the report also mentions that TikTok is a platform where users discover new content. 85% of TikTok users have discovered new content that they enjoy while using TikTok. This indicates that TikTok’s platform helps users explore and find new content and creators, making it easier for them to discover content and topics of their interest. This also provides brands and marketers with more opportunities to promote their products and services on TikTok, attracting more users to discover their brands and products.

With the insights gained from the data analysis, it is believed that it will be helpful for businesses to better understand the current trends of TikTok in Malaysia. The next article will continue to share TikTok marketing strategies and other insights in Malaysia. Stay tuned to cacaFly Malaysia!

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