Unlock Amazon DSP Ads: Expand Your Overseas Business Ace

As the world’s leading e-commerce platform with the highest market share, Amazon not only offers consumers a wide range of shopping choices but also serves as an excellent exposure channel for e-commerce brands. You might be wondering how to stand out among fierce competitors on this platform. Is this fantastic exposure channel exclusive to e-commerce businesses?

Apart from the regular Sponsored Ads on Amazon’s platform, you can also enhance your advertising effectiveness through “Amazon DSP Ads.” Even brands not directly associated with Amazon can reach a vast overseas audience through Amazon DSP. What exactly is Amazon DSP, and what ad placements does it offer? Let’s explore it together with cacaFly Malaysia!

About Amazon DSP Ads

DSP ( Demand Side Platform ) is a demand-side platform in online advertising. Through the integration of DSP platforms, advertisers can easily choose the channels, regions, audiences, and more for their ad placements, eliminating the need to manage multiple advertising transaction platforms separately. For instance, Amazon offers a variety of services beyond its e-commerce platform, including Kindle e-books, the Twitch online streaming platform, IMDb movie review website, and more. Advertisers can choose to place ads on different platforms based on their brand identity and other factors. DSP Ads, in addition to traditional images, also offer a more diverse range of options such as videos and audio to help advertisers highlight their brand characteristics through various channels.

Furthermore, when running Amazon DSP Ads, you have the option to link the ad URL to either the Amazon e-commerce platform or your brand’s official website. Therefore, for brands looking to expand their overseas presence, even if they are not primarily e-commerce businesses, such as those in the travel industry, aviation sector, or financial services, Amazon DSP provides them with an excellent opportunity to leverage Amazon’s unique audience to boost their brand’s visibility overseas.

What are the Advantages of Amazon DSP Ads?

What are the characteristics and advantages of running Amazon DSP Ads? Let cacaFly Malaysia tell everyone why brands looking to expand their overseas business should consider advertising on Amazon DSP!

  1. Having multinational users, Amazon can help you expand your brand into overseas markets, including the United States, Europe, Japan, India, Singapore, and more.

  2. Amazon Universal Login provides users with a single account to access all Amazon services, allowing Amazon to collect user behavior across different devices and enabling advertisers to reach potential audiences more accurately.

  3. Even if you are not an Amazon seller, you can still advertise on Amazon DSP Ads, leveraging Amazon’s advantages to reach audiences both within and outside Amazon, thereby increasing your international visibility.

  4. There are two ways to run DSP ads: through Amazon’s official platform or through Amazon’s certified partner agencies, such as cacaFly Malaysia, which can manage ad campaigns on your behalf. Compared to Sponsored Ads that Amazon sellers can run on their own, Amazon DSP is a more advanced advertising platform that requires expertise. Therefore, partnering with cacaFly Malaysia, which has extensive experience in ad placement, can help your brand develop effective advertising strategies and achieve the desired advertising benefits.

cacaFly Malaysia has also prepared a table for everyone to compare the differences between DSP ads and Amazon Sponsored Ads that regular Amazon sellers can manage on their own.

After reading the above introduction, do you still have questions about Amazon DSP Ads? Or are you already interested in using Amazon DSP Ads to boost your overseas presence? Feel free to contact cacaFly Malaysia, the only official Amazon advertising partner in Malaysia, to learn more.

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