Want to operate on Xiaohongshu but afraid of violating rules and being restricted?Understanding the Dos & Don’t of Managing Xiaohongshu

In today’s social media landscape, Xiaohongshu has become a popular platform for users to share their lives, interests, and shopping experiences. However, standing out on Xiaohongshu requires some strategic management. Today, let’s follow cacaFly to understand what is essential to do and what not to do when running a business on Xiaohongshu! Let’s dive in.

Managing Xiaohongshu DOs!

Want to manage Xiaohongshu but unsure about what you should and shouldn’t do? Don’t worry, cacaFly has already sorted out what is essential to do and what not to do when managing Xiaohongshu, making your journey smoother. Let’s take a look at what you should DO when managing Xiaohongshu!

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1. Clear Positioning

When managing Xiaohongshu, it’s advisable not to randomly share your daily life. Instead, you should plan the content you post on your account carefully. It’s best to choose a specific niche or positioning. Vertical development can significantly increase your exposure to Xiaohongshu. Clear positioning also makes it easier for potential followers to discover your content.

For example, if you want to run an account about exploring food, it’s best to focus on topics related to “food” and “food exploration” without mixing in everyday content.

2. Comprehensive Self-Introduction

On Xiaohongshu, your self-introduction is quite important and can be considered your business card. A clear and concise self-introduction can attract the attention of potential followers. It’s recommended to keep your self-introduction between 1 – 2 sentences and use emoticons to add some fun.

3. Observe High-Quality Bloggers & Themes in the Same Niche

The third point is to observe bloggers in the same niche as you and their strategies. You might wonder how to observe them effectively. Here are five tips for analyzing popular themes:

a) Keywords that have recently become popular in the same niche

When you look at content related to your niche, observe which keywords are trending. You can incorporate these keywords into your captions to increase the exposure of your content.

b) Less common content within the same niche

In addition to studying popular content, you can also think in reverse. Observe what content is less common within your niche and consider exploring these less common but related themes. Since fewer people are working on these less common themes, there’s a chance to stand out if you do it well!

c) Note Structure

When creating notes on Xiaohongshu, note structure is crucial. Xiaohongshu users tend to prefer well-structured and concise notes. Also, it’s advisable to keep your note content within 500 words.

4. Curious About Popular Themes? Check Out the Creation Center!

Many creators face a lack of inspiration when producing content. Therefore, Xiaohongshu’s official platform is considerate in updating the recommended content themes in the Creation Center every week. You can browse themes suitable for your account category. In addition, the recommended section of the Creation Center gathers the latest trending topics, helping you understand the current popular themes and gain additional traffic from the platform.

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5. Stay Updated with Official Accounts in Various Fields and Participate in Their Activities

The final piece of advice is to stay tuned to official accounts related to your account’s niche and participate in their activities. For example, if your account is related to the food niche, you can follow and participate in activities hosted by the official account “吃货薯” to help increase the exposure of your notes! Besides the food niche, here are some popular niches and the corresponding official accounts you can mention (@) to boost the exposure of your content when posting:

Beauty Category → @美妆薯, @美妆情报局, @红卡薯条

Vlog Category → @VLOG薯 

Entertainment Category → @电影薯, @音乐薯 ,  @娱乐薯 

Managing Xiaohongshu Don’t

After learning about the essential things to do when managing Xiaohongshu, are you eager to start writing your first note? Hold on! Next, we’ll share some things to be cautious about when writing on Xiaohongshu. This will help you avoid potential pitfalls and prevent your well-crafted notes from being restricted due to violations. Let’s dive in!

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1. Avoid Violations in Your Notes

Xiaohongshu’s official guidelines emphasize the importance of maintaining accuracy and avoiding misleading information in note titles and content. Some specific words and phrases should be avoided as they are considered violations:

a) Avoid Exaggeration

Extreme words such as “best,” “finest,” or “ultimate” should be used with caution in both note titles and content to ensure accuracy and prevent misleading readers.

b) Be Cautious with”Number One” Related Terms

Using terms related to “number one” excessively can be seen as an exaggeration. Phrases like “nation’s top,” “national champion,” or “exclusive” should be used judiciously.

c) Use”Brand” Terminology Carefully

When mentioning brands in notes, exercise caution in language to avoid exaggerating a brand’s status or characteristics. Phrases like “brand leader,” “premium brand,” or “top-tier brand” should be used sparingly.

d) Avoid Deceptive or Misleading Terms

Deceptive or misleading terms in notes, such as “unprecedented,” “permanently effective,” “all-powerful,” or “exclusive,” are strictly prohibited to maintain content authenticity and credibility.

e) Limit Use of Terms Like”Preferred,””National,””Country”

Excessive use of terms related to “preferred,” “national,” “countrywide,” or similar expressions in posts should be avoided to maintain compliance with guidelines. Examples include “preferred choice,” “national debut,” “exclusive,” or “national sales champion.”

f) Avoid Superstitious Terminology

Terms with superstitious meanings, such as “warding off evil spirits,” “improving luck,” “attracting wealth,” or “money magnet,” should not be used in product promotions to maintain compliance and authenticity.

2. Prohibition of Redirecting Traffic to Other Websites

Placing QR codes or promotional information for other platforms in your posts will be viewed as advertising activity by the system and may result in restricted traffic for your notes. Therefore, when posting content on Xiaohongshu, avoid including any information that directs users to other websites or platforms to ensure compliance with Xiaohongshu’s policies.

3. Frequent Deletion or Hiding of Notes

Frequently deleting or hiding previously published notes may be perceived negatively by the platform. This behavior suggests an unstable or inconsistent content management strategy and may alienate your followers. Additionally, deleting posts may be seen as an attempt to conceal certain information or inappropriate behavior, potentially violating Xiaohongshu’s regulations and leading to account restrictions.

4. Plagiarism or Reposting Others’ Content

Copying or reposting content from other bloggers is unethical and can harm your account’s reputation. Xiaohongshu users generally prefer original content, so directly copying others’ content may not receive algorithmic promotion. Moreover, Xiaohongshu’s content moderation team monitors for plagiarism, and violators may face penalties, including account restrictions or bans.

5. Inconsistent Content

Consistency in content is crucial for building a loyal fan base. Shifting between different themes or topics inconsistently may confuse readers and erode their trust in you. Therefore, it’s advisable to maintain consistency in one or a set of related themes to ensure your account has a clear focus and attracts an audience interested in your chosen niche. For example, if your account is focused on beauty, stick to creating content around beauty topics rather than switching abruptly to unrelated themes.

6. Long-Term Inactivity or Account Neglect

Xiaohongshu users typically enjoy fresh and engaging content. Prolonged periods of inactivity or neglecting your account can lead to a loss of interest from followers. It may also be perceived as a negative account behavior, potentially resulting in restricted visibility. To run a successful Xiaohongshu account, consistent efforts and activity are essential. Regularly posting new content, engaging with followers, and participating in the community are key to maintaining an active account.

7. Avoid Purchasing Followers or Engaging in Mutual Following

Purchasing followers usually involves fake accounts that don’t interact with your content or become genuine followers. These fake followers may inflate your follower count but won’t help you build real influence or a community. Additionally, buying followers can damage your account’s credibility. Xiaohongshu and other social media platforms often take measures to remove fake accounts and followers, which may result in the loss of purchased followers and even the risk of account restrictions or bans.

Today, we’ve shared the Dos and Don’ts of managing Xiaohongshu with all of you. We believe you now have a better understanding of how to operate on Xiaohongshu. Interested in starting your company’s Xiaohongshu account? Feel free to contact cacaFly for the most professional marketing services.

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