Navigating 2023 Year-End Shopping Season: 3 Stages and 6 Rich Media Layouts

Why Should You Pay Attention to Year-End Shopping Season Marketing?

The annual year-end shopping season is here – are you fully prepared? Not only does this shopping season boast the highest sales figures every year, but this time, up to 85% of surveyed consumers has planned to increase their budget or spend the same amount! Search interest in Double Digit Days climb from one to another without any delay and brand strategies must kick off early to capitalize on this special season.
This year, we’re witnessing significant shifts in shopping plans, from impulsive buying to planned shopping, and the new generation of consumers has risen with purchasing powers that brands should not underestimate. Consumers are going on a more complicated journey before making a purchase and this calls for a robust digital advertising strategy to seize the mega sale season’s opportunities!

Why Should You Utilize Rich Media Creative Ads for Year-End Shopping Season?

The year-end shopping season presents diverse landscape of consumer channels and the pre-shopping “chaotic journey” is becoming the new norm. When consumers have purchase needs, they go through a process of exploration and evaluation. They present on various platforms, collect information from different channels, and finally make a purchase decision. During the three stages of this journey, including Awareness, Consideration and Conversion, Rich Media ads can help brands and advertisers elevate their digital advertising, as creatives factors play an increasingly important role in high-impact ads. Statistics reveal that 45% of ad effectiveness relies on creative factors and 80% of an ad’s impact comes from its creative content.
Consumers are more likely to be attracted and engage with creative ads, increasing their willingness to click on them. Therefore, TenMax has selected a range of 3 stages and 6 creative ad formats and prepared design ideas for the year-end shopping season, guiding you to discover the secrets behind brand success.

Download our Winning Guide now, and you’ll get:

    • Insights into the four major year-end shopping trends
    • Understanding popular items and shopping plans for year-end season
    • Exposure strategies for ads, creating pre-sale and purchase-promotion rich media ad formats
    • A comprehensive three-stage strategy and six creative ad case studies all in one place.

Download our guide now and seize this opportunity to make the most of the 2023 year-end shopping season!

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