Threads’ Recent Two Major Updates! Everyone can now mention friends who haven’t registered on Threads.

In this highly competitive social media platform arena, Threads has garnered widespread attention since its launch. With a series of updates, Threads has emerged as a dark horse in the social media space. Recently, Threads introduced some new features. Let’s take a look!

Two Major Updates for Threads! Now You Can Tag Unregistered Threads Users

  1. Open tagging of unregistered Threads users.

Recently, Instagram introduced two new features for Threads. The first one allows users to tag unregistered Threads users on Threads. This not only provides more interaction options for existing Threads account users but also offers one of the key elements for unregistered users to join Threads. Furthermore, when you tag unregistered Threads users, the comments will be displayed with Instagram’s small logo to help users identify them.

Source : Social Media Today
  1. Lock in unregistered Threads users in advance.

In addition to being able to tag unregistered users, you can now also proactively follow users who haven’t registered yet. You can click the “Follow” button in advance so that when they create an account, you can quickly catch up with their updates.

By following in advance, when the user starts using Threads, you’ll immediately receive all their updates, interact with them, and share content, creating opportunities for connections and relationships between users.

Threads will have direct messaging(DM) functionality?

  1. Is Threads Getting Direct Messaging(DM) Functionality?

According to Meta’s disclosures, the Threads team is currently developing an in-app DM option. Based on findings from privacy researcher Jorge Caballero regarding Threads content, it appears that Threads is in the process of adding some new data related to DM.

  1. Key Reasons for Considering DM Functionality

The primary reason for considering the addition of DM functionality to Threads is to position itself as a competitor to Twitter and other platforms like it. Within Threads, the demand for DM functionality has been strong among users. DM functionality can help businesses offer personalized responses and tailor product offerings based on user interests and needs. Additionally, for followers, having one-on-one communication with businesses helps build trust between consumers and businesses. For example, if a purchased product encounters issues, having a DM service allows consumers to directly communicate with the business, and businesses can ensure better post-purchase service.

Therefore, if Threads wants to meet the needs of a majority of its users and make Threads more widely used, it must consider opening up DM messaging functionality.

While there hasn’t been a response from Instagram’s CEO as of now, his recent statements show a noticeable softening, so there’s reason to look forward to the DM functionality in Threads!

Today, we’ve provided a follow-up on the recent Threads updates, hoping to help everyone better understand the changes in Threads. To learn more, you can click here and here to read the full article.


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