Get closer with explosive interaction – Facebook and Messenger Broadcast features are live!

After receiving widespread acclaim for Broadcast on Instagram, on October 19th, Meta officially announced the upcoming launch of the Broadcast feature for Facebook and Messenger. This feature will offer creators additional avenues to engage with their fans and share daily updates in real time. Let’s dive in with cacaFly to learn more about what Facebook Broadcast is all about!

Source : Meta

What is Broadcast ?

Broadcast is a messaging service introduced by Facebook that allows creators to publicly share messages with their fans in a one-to-many format. Creators can create their Broadcasts, enabling further connection, interaction, and the ability to initiate features such as polls with their fans.

Source : Meta

How to create a Broadcast?

After understanding what Broadcast is, let’s now share how to create Facebook and Messenger Broadcasts with everyone!

  1. Create”Channels” on your Facebook Page Profile to allow users to easily join Messenger Broadcasts.

If you’re a creator, you can directly establish a Facebook Broadcast from your Page’s homepage. Click on “Create,” then enter your desired Broadcast name. Once created, you’ll find a section labeled “Channels” on your Page. To join your Broadcast, users can simply click on “Channel” on your Page and then click “Join Channel.”

If you can’t enable the “Broadcast” feature, you can choose to “Join the Waiting List.” You’ll receive a notification when your account becomes eligible for this feature.

Source : Meta
  1. Messenger Broadcast Functionality

In addition to creators being able to showcase the Broadcast feature in their Profile’s Channels section, when a creator creates a Broadcast, all their followers receive a notification the first time the creator sends a message in their Broadcast. Followers can choose whether or not to join the creator’s Broadcast.

Once fans click to join, they can receive any messages from the creator. Creators can unilaterally send messages, images, and voice notes, and initiate polls within their Broadcast. It’s important to note that fans cannot send any messages, images, or voice notes within the Broadcast; they can only interact with the creator through emojis or by participating in polls that the creator has initiated.

Source : Mark Zuckerberg’s Facebook

After understanding the Broadcast functionality, you’ll discover that Broadcast is gradually becoming an essential tool for creators to interact with their fans. Whether on Facebook, Messenger, or Instagram, it provides creators with more channels to enhance their content’s reach and seamlessly integrates various messaging app features. Creators or businesses only need to post messages in Broadcast, and all users who have joined can receive these messages. This is a significant time-saver compared to the traditional approach of sending individual private messages one by one. Therefore, it’s recommended that brands and businesses managing Facebook pages make good use of this tool to strengthen their relationship with users. Want to learn more? You can click here and here to read the full article.

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