Major Privacy Updates for Instagram and Messenger! User Experience Elevated Once Again!

Instagram has introduced a series of updates to enhance its information and comment filtering systems, accompanied by new warning features. Additionally, there is an increased focus on strengthening users’ online privacy, providing a more secure internet experience. Let’s explore together with cacaFly to discover these exciting updates!

Instagram Message and Comment Filtering System Upgrade, New Warning Features

Instagram has recently introduced a series of updates to tackle the influx of spam activities. Let’s take a look:

1. Message Filtering to Reduce Spam

For users managing large Instagram accounts, this update is particularly relevant. They receive a significant volume of diverse private messages every day. In response to this challenge, Instagram has proposed upcoming strategies to enhance the prevention of spam messages. The app has improved its detection of spam messages and bot profiles, providing users with more proactive filters. This aims to reduce the need for manual handling of spam comments and private messages.


Just as Shown in the Illustration, Instagram Now Offers More Options to Help Users Filter Spam Messages:

a. Potential Spam

Instagram will automatically assist users in filtering all follow requests their accounts receive from potentially spammy profiles. These requests, along with related messages, will be compiled into a separate “Potential Spam” list for users to review. This list will also include any existing followers flagged by the Instagram system as potential spam or bot accounts.

b. Spam tags

Instagram is also taking action on spam tags by introducing a new process that enables users to review and bulk manage all suspicious tags for quicker removal. Unattended tag requests will be automatically deleted after 30 days.

c. Spam views

Additionally, the Spam Views feature is currently under experimentation. Its primary function is to hide views on Stories detected as originating from potential spam accounts. This will reduce the ability of these unwelcome users to directly engage with users through story interactions. For companies or creators leveraging Instagram for brand management, these updates enable more precise audience filtering based on analytics and targeted audience analysis.

2. Introduction of Comment Filtering and Warning Features, Empowering Creators with Content Modification Opportunities

In addition to the strategies addressing spam messages and profiles mentioned earlier, Instagram has rolled out comment-filtering tools. This feature encompasses the identification and handling of replies suspected to be spam.

Furthermore, the platform has introduced warning functionalities. These warnings are designed to notify users about potential restrictions on their content. This proactive approach not only contributes to a safer and more controlled environment but also serves as an opportunity for creators to modify their content in compliance with platform guidelines.

Source : Meta

Currently, Instagram is testing a warning feature that flags posts violating Instagram’s guidelines when uploaded by creators. This provides creators with clearer indications of which content is in violation. It helps creators understand what content is acceptable and what should be avoided in subsequent posts. In case of content violations, Instagram offers creators the option to either modify or delete the content.

Source : Meta

Instagram emphasizes its commitment to providing users with the best experience, considering the elimination of spam messages as a crucial step. Despite having improved message filters, Meta’s app still encounters a significant amount of spam activity. While Meta cannot completely eradicate this issue, they are actively working on enhancing their systems to optimize user engagement.

Messenger and Instagram Direct Messaging Feature Updates; Introduction of PIN Code for Messenger and Editing Feature for Instagram

1. Messenger now supports the setting of a PIN Code for encrypted conversations.

As users increasingly focus on their online personal privacy, Meta states that this update will primarily place privacy protection at the core, ensuring that users’ private chat content remains secure and confidential.

Source : Meta

After nearly five years of effort, including addressing various regulatory issues, Meta has finally enabled end-to-end (E2E) encryption as the default for Messenger. End-to-end encryption means that the entire process of messaging or chatting via calls with friends or family is protected. This also implies that unless users voluntarily report themselves to relevant authorities, even Meta cannot know the content of your conversations. Users can now set a unique PIN code for their Messenger, encrypting conversations with their close friends and family.

2. Instagram Direct Messaging Introduces Editing Feature and Message Retention Time

In addition, Meta has announced the upcoming removal of the cross-app messaging option between Instagram and Facebook, primarily due to the lack of encrypted chat functionality in Instagram Direct.

Apart from the update to cross-app messaging features, Instagram is set to follow in the footsteps of WhatsApp. Users will soon be able to edit their messages within 15 minutes of sending them, eliminating the need to retract and resend.

Source : Meta

Disappearing Messages will also be retained for 24 hours, following the model of WhatsApp. At the same time, Meta is making it easier for users to notice Disappearing Messages notifications within the chat records.

Source : Meta

In conjunction with information and comment management, Meta’s Messenger has also announced a significant privacy update, making end-to-end encryption the default setting. This means that users’ private chats will receive enhanced protection, ensuring that information remains secure. For users who prioritize personal privacy, this is a crucial update. Overall, these changes represent the ongoing efforts of social media platforms to safeguard user privacy and enhance the user experience.

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