Collaborating with Taiwanese Adtech and Martech company TenMax, enhancing brand conversion rates through Martech tools

cacaFly Malaysia collaborated with Taiwanese Adtech and Martech company TenMax, hosting a webinar named “Doubling Your Conversion Rate: Unleashing the Potential of Martech Tools through Real Case Study” on 30th November and 7th December . The event attracted over a hundred professionals from brands and industries. As a digital marketing consultant, cacaFly Malaysia provides end-to-end digital marketing solutions, starting from the analysis of e-commerce advertising data and the layout of marketing strategies to assisting brands in harnessing first-party data. From data analysis to practical application, cacaFly Malaysia offers a comprehensive digital marketing solution. Through the sharing of real case studies, it emphasizes the value of marketing technology in brand marketing!

During this webinar, Jay the Director of Sales from TenMax highlighted two major challenges currently faced by the retail industry: the inability to effectively integrate data from various departments and the difficulty in implementing segment marketing. As a result, not only does this hinder the formulation of effective business decisions, but it also deeply impacts customer loyalty towards the brand.

To address these two major challenges, the speaker shared two free data collection and analysis tools, GA4 and BigQuery. GA4, the latest version of Google Analytics, stands out from its predecessors by offering brands more comprehensive data tracking and analysis capabilities. On the other hand, BigQuery provides extensive cloud storage space. Therefore, integrating GA4 with BigQuery can offer brands more valuable insights for data analysis.

In addition, for market segmentation, Infobip was introduced. Infobip is a leading brand in the globally renowned omnichannel customer communication platform. Once brands collect data, they can utilize Infobip’s marketing automation tools to optimize the marketing journey, delivering marketing messages through different channels to different audiences. Unlike the traditional method of widespread advertising, market segmentation uses data to outline customer profiles, identify target audiences, and allocate marketing budgets strategically. This not only effectively nurtures customer loyalty but also enhances transaction conversion rates!

Jay also shared a real case study about how a well-known beauty brand successfully addressed a challenge that a significant portion of customers tended to shop only during the anniversary celebration, resulting in a low rate of repeat purchases. The brand initially utilized GA4 to gather customer data both online and offline, then categorizing them into: new members, those who joined but hadn’t made a purchase within three months, and those who browsed the website but didn’t make a purchase. Subsequently, leveraging Infobip marketing automation platform, the brand tailored different channels and coupon offerings for various customer segments. As a result, the CTR of Whatsapp increased by 15%, customer repurchase rates saw a 20% boost, the result not only enhancing transaction conversion rates but also significantly reducing the time spent by marketing personnel on segmentation.

This Martech Webinar not only brought forward-looking insights to brands and the industry but also allowed participants to gain a deeper understanding of how to leverage advanced marketing technologies to address current business challenges. In the future, cacaFly will continue to share Martech solutions in Malaysia,  creating opportunities for brands to achieve increased conversion rates and earn more revenue!

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