cacaFly was invited to attend the HUAWEI Petal Ads Year-End Party.

HUAWEI and cacaFly’s collaboration is far from over! As a HUAWEI advertising agency partner, cacaFly Malaysia was invited to attend the Year End Party hosted by HUAWEI on 14th December. The event primarily aimed to invite industry advertising agency partners and express gratitude for everyone’s efforts throughout the year! This Year-End Party provided a opportunity for cacaFly Malaysia to engage with the internal teams of HUAWEI and other advertising agency partners, facilitating the sharing of successes and discussions on future digital trends.

On the day of the event, the CEO of HUAWEI delivered a speech expressing gratitude to all participants for their hard work and dedication over the past year. The event also featured exquisite gifts, a sumptuous meal, and interactive games, creating a relaxed atmosphere for everyone to engage in mutual communication!

Through this Year-End Party, our relationship with HUAWEI and other partners has been further strengthened. We look forward to continuing to collaborate in the future, working hand in hand to provide our clients with even more professional marketing services and jointly creating a better digital future.

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cacaFly Malaysia was founded in year 2016 with fully support from HQ Taiwan.
We are a team comprised of enthusiastic marketing experts, specializing at devising all-rounded marketing strategies and media planning that stretches from preliminary research, running ads campaign and advertising material production, to post-campaign data analysis and strategy optimization.

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