Successfully Expanding I LOVE YOO! into Diverse Markets With New Traffic Development

I LOVE YOO! is a renowned Malaysian brand specializing in traditional Chinese snacks such as Chinese doughnuts and soy milk. Their commitment to making fresh snacks daily, along with their halal certification, has earned them widespread popularity. Currently, I LOVE YOO boasts over 70 branches across Malaysia, many of which are located in shopping malls. This strategic placement ensures that customers can enjoy traditional delicacies in a comfortable and hygienic environment.

Food is an indispensable part of daily life, ensuring that the food and beverage industry consistently experiences stable demand, despite intense competition. In the face of such competition, I LOVE YOO! aims not only to strengthen its existing Chinese customer base but also to introduce traditional Chinese cuisine to a wider audience. The brand is dedicated to continually increasing its popularity among the diverse Malaysian population.

  1. Advertisement Material Production
  2. Advertising Campaign Management
    • Facebook Ads
    • TikTok Ads
    • Petal Ads
  3. KOC Influencer Marketing
    • RED
    • TikTok
  1. Customizing ad creatives for different audiences to ignite brand impact and conquer each social platform!

To effectively penetrate Malaysia’s diverse market, cacaFly’s professional consulting team designs differentiated ad creatives tailored to meet the needs and interests of various audiences and social platform users, thereby enhancing advertising effectiveness.

Research indicates that many Malay people are highly interested in Chinese cuisine but hesitate to try it due to concerns about halal certification. To address this, cacaFly developed targeted ad creatives:

  • English and Chinese Versions: Focus on introducing I LOVE YOO!’s signature dishes, using enticing descriptions and visuals to attract the local Chinese community and other English-speaking audiences.
  • Malay Version: Highlights that I LOVE YOO! is a halal-certified restaurant and features videos of Muslim patrons enjoying the dishes, aiming to build trust and encourage Malay consumers to try the food confidently.

This tailored approach not only targets different language and cultural groups with precision but also emphasizes the brand’s credibility and food quality, ultimately increasing brand awareness and consumer trust.

  1. Exploring new traffic sources through media expansion beyond meta

Apart from the local Chinese resident, another significant potential audience for I LOVE YOO is tourists from China in Malaysia. Before the pandemic, China ranked as the third-largest segment of tourists, following Singapore and Indonesia. Moreover, the Malaysian government announced a 30-day visa-free policy for Chinese tourists at the end of last year, indicating an anticipated increase in Chinese tourists visiting Malaysia. Therefore, reaching out to this consumer group and providing them with quality dining options during their visits to Malaysia is a challenging task.

To tackle this challenge, rather than solely relying on conventional social media platforms for advertising, cacaFly opted to utilize Petal Ads to target Chinese tourists. Petal Ads is a type of advertisement specifically designed for HUAWEI smartphones, which are widely used by many Chinese users. Petal Ads offer a diverse range of advertisement formats, such as full-screen Splash Ads that appear automatically when users launch apps, as well as Award Ads that encourage users to watch advertisements while playing games to earn the game’s rewards. Moreover, Petal Ads isn’t limited to the HUAWEI ecosystem; it also collaborates with over 4,100 third-party websites. Therefore, advertisements can appear on platforms like Foodpanda or, successfully tapping into new traffic sources for I LOVE YOO!

  1. Leveraging KOC Store Explorations to Boost Brand Visibility

When it comes to cuisine, seeing is believing, and tasting seals the deal! That’s why cacaFly’s professional consulting team employs influencer marketing strategies to showcase customers’ real experiences. Each month, we seek out different Key Opinion Consumers (KOC) on TikTok and RED, collaborating with them to create store exploration posts, thus enhancing the brand’s presence in the market. Moreover, since the algorithms on these platforms differ from those of conventional social media, our selection criteria for influencers aren’t solely based on follower count. Instead, we prioritize influencers with extensive experience in the food industry and high engagement rates to ensure that I LOVE YOO! reaches its target customers.

After four months of strategy (October 2023 – January 2024):

  • Facebook Ads CPE reduced by 50%.
  • Petal Ads maintained an average CTR of 15%
  • On average, RED KOC reached over ten thousand highly interested users each month

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