2024 Instagram Algorithm Update. Original Creators Prioritized: Creators Will Encounter New Opportunities!

To provide all creators with fair exposure opportunities, Instagram once again introduced a major algorithm update in April 2024! The focus of this update is to prevent creators with large followings and high traffic from monopolizing all exposure opportunities. Instagram hopes to create a fairer algorithm that gives smaller creators more active space, encouraging them to produce more high-quality and original content. So let’s have cacaFly Malaysia guide us through the key updates this time!

1. In the era of creative innovation, even niche creators can shine

In the past, Instagram’s algorithm tended to recommend content with a large number of followers and interactions. In order to provide all creators with a fair opportunity, Instagram has adjusted its previous algorithm. Now, after you post, Meta will first push your content to a small group of audiences. If the response is positive, the algorithm will then begin to expand your audience. Even if you don’t have a large number of followers, as long as your content is well-received in each layer of the audience pool, there is a chance it will be pushed to a more diverse audience.

Source: Instagram

This approach which does not prioritize high-traffic accounts but instead focuses on the fairness of exposure will ensure that all new content receives a certain initial coverage. It prevents niche creators from being eliminated due to algorithmic unfairness before they have had the chance to gain exposure.

2. Rejecting Reposts! Instagram Strengthens Protection of Original Content Creators’ Copyrights

If you are a frequent Instagram user, you have probably noticed that the same content is always being repeatedly pushed to you. This is because many accounts operate their Instagram accounts by reposting others’ content to gain traffic. This practice often dilutes the traffic that original content should receive and can even result in reposting accounts usurping all the traffic. To better protect original content, Instagram has made significant adjustments to reposted content in this update, including the three changes below the following:

1.Replacing reposts with original content in recommendations

When Instagram detects two or more duplicate pieces of content while making recommendations, it will prioritize recommending the original content. If your content is similar to the original but has significant differences (such as distinct visual and auditory elements), Instagram will not override your content. Although this cannot completely prevent reposts, Instagram offers substantial initial protection for original content to provide encouragement for creators.

2. Adding labels to reposted content

To encourage originality, Instagram has introduced the “Original Content” label feature. By indicating the source of the content in reposted material, viewers can more clearly identify who’s the original creator. By clicking on this label, viewers can better recognize the publisher and switch the interface to the original content, thereby bringing more traffic to the original creator’s content.

Source: Instagram

3. Removing Aggregators from Recommendations

In the earlier mention, it was highlighted that some accounts operate by specifically collecting original content from others and reposting or sharing it on their own accounts. This kind content aggregator will face significant challenges in this update. According to Instagram, if an account is found to have continuously reposted other users’ content (10 times or more) within the past 30 days, these posts will not appear in Instagram’s recommendation section.

To regain eligibility, the account must ensure not to repost others’ content for the next 30 days. The status of this eligibility can be viewed in the account’s status overview. Additionally, if an account has been disqualified from recommendations despite not reposting content, Instagram also provides a certain appeals process.


In conclusion, to promote the generation of original content, Instagram still prioritizes the interests of original creators after taking on certain operational risks. Now that Instagram has decided to promote original content, creators should seize the opportunity. In response to this update, here are some actions you can take:

  • Enhance content quality and reduce imitation or reposting: Focus on creating high-quality, unique, and engaging content to ensure originality and creativity, so you could attract more attention and interaction from users.
  • Brand image building: Strengthen the development of personal or brand image by ensuring a unique style and tags in every post, making it easier for followers to identify and associate with your content.
  • Regular content updates: Maintain regular updates to increase exposure, leveraging Instagram’s algorithm to enhance the chances of your content being featured in the recommendation section.
  • Report instances of plagiarism: If you discover your original content being plagiarized or used without authorization, learn to utilize the copyright protection tools provided by the platform to safeguard your original creations.

Therefore, don’t worry anymore about having fewer followers and missing out on opportunities to be seen. Instead of trying to imitate popular content to gain traffic, original and high-quality content is the primary key to gaining more traffic in the future! Quickly catch up with this wave of updates and seize the excellent opportunity to expose your brand to consumers!

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