cacaFly Malaysia participated in the OHSEM Marketing 360 2023

OHSEM Marketing 360  is a quite substantial digital marketing event in Malaysia, featuring over 25 industry experts and more than 40 participating companies. The event covered a wide range of topics, from Google Ads, TikTok, and E-Commerce to the latest trending technologies like Martech and AI. It provided a platform for SMEs and various businesses to engage .

cacaFly attended HUAWEI Petal Ads Summit 2023!

HUAWEI Petal Ads Summit 2023 cover photo

On March 16, HUAWEI invited us to attend the Petal Ads Summit 2023! This exciting event witnessed the gathering of the industry’s top players and experts, and shared about the latest developments in digital advertising.

2022 Year in Review|cacaFly 大事记

2022 年疫情趋缓,生活渐渐回到原轨;这一年,乘着众多产业回归市场的趋势,cacaFly Malaysia 与客户们携手前行,不断推广数码营销专案服务,也在这一年,创造众多丰硕的成果。年末时刻,与你分享!

cacaFly attends HUAWEI Developer Day 

Appointed as an official partner of HUAWEI Ads this year, cacaFly Malaysia was invited to attend HUAWEI Developer Day as part of HUAWEI’s effort to strengthen its partnership with digital marketing and media agencies.

cacaFly Malaysia Invited As Speaker for BAIK @ Selangor Competition 2022-2023 Online Workshop

cacaFly Malaysia was invited by BAIK Selangor Good Products Competition 2022 – 2023 as one of the instructors for the“Marketing Power” online workshop to help the competition’s participants hone their competencies in marketing, a must-have skill set for entrepreneurship and brand management. The “Marketing Power” online workshop is a 2-hour training held exclusively for the participants of BAIK Selangor Competition on 30th July. Conducted by Kar Mun, our Sales Manager […]

2021 Year in Review|cacaFly 大事纪

回首这一年,你是否感到辛苦,但也收获了不少的幸福?cacaFly Malaysia 秉持着数码营销的专业,在商业领域持续挺进,与大家一同努力、站稳脚步。岁末年终,我们想和你一同分享,团队今年努力浇灌的成果。

cacaFly is now officially TikTok partner!

cacaFly Malaysia is proud to announce that we are now an official TikTok Partner! This is a significant milestone for cacaFly Malaysia as we are acknowledged by TikTok as an agency that creates value for our customers through their platform.